YogaLife Academy 200-Hour YTT January-May 2014

Jan. 24-27 * Feb. 14-17 * March 7-10 * April 11-14 * May 16-19

Approved Registered Yoga School of the Yoga Alliance

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200-Hour Deepen Your Yoga Practice Classical Hatha Yoga Certification
Five 4-Day Weekends * 38 Credit Hours Each

In-Depth Yoga Instruction in Sedona--
200-Hour Certification in five Weekends, one a month
, first weekend of the month. 
Designed to give individual attention and caring instruction to a maximum of 22 yogis.

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& Hiking retreats:

Expand into your fullest inner being and share that Light by teaching Yoga

Jan.-May 2014 Five-Weekend, Yoga Alliance Approved, Sedona YogaLife Teacher Training: Jan. 24-27 * Feb. 7-10 * March 7-10 * April 11-14 * May 16-19. Starts Jan. 24th at the YogaLife Academy’s Contentment Lodge (in Cornville, just outside Sedona, 2450 South Loy Road).

Become more alive with a deeper yoga practice at the Sedona Spirit YogaLife Academy YTT, and earn a 200-hour teacher certification. Since 2004, the YogaLife Academy has been an approved Registered Yoga Alliance School. Attend the entire five-weekend course and become certified to teach yoga, or attend any weekend of your choice for 38 continuing education credits.

This Classical Hatha Yoga Program will be led by Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD and Sharon Day, two expert teachers who earned the Yoga Alliance’s highest rating of RYT 500 for extensive study and ERYT 500 for over 500 hours of teaching experience. Johanna is the Arizona Yoga Association's featured teacher (Sept. -Dec. 2011) and author of the well-known YogaLife book used in teacher trainings throughout the world and a new book adapting the yoga sutras to modern life, Cultivate Contentment: Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today's World, recently featured on Fox TV, Channel 5 in San Diego .

In this life-enhancing training, every weekend, we will focus on all eight limbs of Patanjali’s Hatha Yoga, enjoy Ayurvedic meals, do yoga on the red rocks, study course content by the creek, enjoy meditation at the Amitaba Stupa and attend a kirtan as part of our curriculum. Learn a variety of styles, including Kripalu, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga, plus a touch of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Each weekend, we will focus on a theme. Guests are welcome to attend individual weekends for 38 continuing education credits, approved by Yoga Alliance--

Jan. 24-27 * Feb. 7-10 * March 7-10 * April 11-14 * May 16-19

•  Jan. 24-27 : Foundations of Yoga and Ayurveda
•  Feb. 14-17: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Asana Alignment (Guest-Rama Jyoti Vernon)

•  March 7-10: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology As Related to Yoga  
•  April 11-14: The Chakras, Subtle Anatomy and Inversions
 May 16-19 : The Bhagavad Gita, Hindu Gods & Goddesses, and the Business of Yoga
    (Fri. 2 - 9 pm, Sat. 6 am - 9 pm, Sun. 6 am - 9 pm, Mon. 6 – 2 pm)

ENJOY AN UPLIFTING EDUCATIONAL SEDONA 4-DAY RETREAT WITH LODGING:  Attend any one 4-day Weekend and earn 38 continuing education units, approved by the Yoga Alliance.  $600 for the instruction plus meals (added fee for materials). Stay at the Contentment Lodge for $125 a night, a wonderful retreat with deluxe B&B lodging, instruction, meals and kindred spirits amid the red rocks of Sedona for only $975. Add $50 for Feb. 14th weekend with Rama Jyoti Vernon.

ATTEND FULL YTT PROGRAM WITH OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS AT THE CONTENTMENT LODGE (Fri., Sat. & Sun. nites) for an additional $100 a night, $300 each of five weekends or $1,300 ($260 each weekend) if paid in advance at program start. Offer based on available room space.

Life-Enhancing Yoga Experience
Yoga training helps us transform our limitations and live in a higher state of consciousness that brightens up our everyday lives. This is an opportunity to study with the veteran workshop leader and author of the YogaLife book that is being used in teacher trainings worldwide. You will benefit from this training whether or not you plan on teaching as it is designed to deepen yoga practice--

Relax into Yoga with Grace and Ease

• Achieve fuller self-expression and contentment by learning to apply the 8 limbs of yoga for a peaceful, fruitful life
•Enrich life through study of Yoga asana, theory, teaching methods, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, the chakra system, and Ayurveda
• Balance and cleanse the body with Ayurvedic consultation, Yoga therapy, hiking, and sweat lodge
Learn a variety of styles of yoga, from power yoga to more gentle styles, including-- Ashtanga, Sivananda, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar, Kripalu, Restorative & Prenatal Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
• Develop a deeper spiritual yoga practice and lifestyle

• Gain experience leading others in uplifting Yoga practice
• Enjoy the natural beauty and energy of Sedona-- frequent red rock excursions; creekside Yoga study sessions
• Learn to practice and deepen meditation
• Enjoy chanting from the heart at a local kirtan (guided chanting session) in Sedona

• Relax into grace and ease, as you share Yoga with kindred spirits and instructors who are expert coaches and committed listeners
• Experience a heart-opening transformation, greater aliveness, and a heightened consciousness

200-Hr. Curriculum: Includes Yoga Alliance required hours for yoga techniques, teaching methods, anatomy, physiology, philosophy, ethics, lifestyle, practicum project, mentoring program, and electives. 


Affordable Fees and Payment Plan: $2600 paid in full at registration, 2800 for all 5 weekends with payment plan, $600 per single, individual 4-day weekend; $650 for Feb. 14 weekend with guest Rama Jyoti Vernon . Open weekend workshops available for Yoga Alliance continuing education credit—visit YTT payment plan: Pay $800 upon registration, with $500 payments due Jan. 1, Feb.. 1, March 1 and April 1. Register early and start smaller payments this month! We will assist you with financial arrangements.  Registration closes December 22, 2013.

Pre-Requisites: In order to insure your success in our program, we require that you have at least one full year's experience practicing Yoga and a willingness to study Yoga in depth as a lifestyle. All participants  will be required to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of course content as well as their ability to teach Yoga before being granted our 200-Credit YogaLife Academy Diploma. A commitment to attendance at all four days of each of the five training weekends is required.

Our Yoga Instructor Team :  This in-depth training will be led by Johanna Mosca, Ph.D. (Maheshvari) and Sharon Day, assisted by a team of exceptionally skilled and accomplished guest instructors. Or faculty will help teach the myriad dimensions of Yoga Asana, the healing practices of Ayurvedic Lifestyle, and an indepth understanding of Anatomy as applied to Yoga to benefit body, mind and spirit. These Classical Hatha Yoga training weekends ares designed both for students who wish to deepen their practice and for those who wish to become teachers.

Curriculum: Our basic curriculum includes the Yoga Alliance required hours for yoga techniques, teaching methods, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle, plus a practicum project, mentoring program, and electives — over 200 hours. Our policies and teaching practices adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Yoga Alliance.

Lodging: For those coming from out-of-town, we can help you find affordable lodging, but lodging is not included in the retreat fee. Add $125 per night for 3 night minimum at the Contentment Lodge. Discounted lodging for full program--$300 per weekend or $1300 for five 3-night stays paid at program start.

Call Johanna 928-282-9900  *  Email

Program Information:

January-May 2014
First weekend each month
Jan. 24-27
Feb. 14-17

March 7-10

April 11-14

May 16-19

Program starts

Fri. at 2 pm         
Ends Mon. at 2:30 pm
38 contact hours a weekend

38 Hours - Five Weekends
Fri.. 2 - 9:30 pm (6.5 hrs)
Sat. 6 am - 9:30 pm (12.5 hrs)
Sun. 6 am - 9:30 pm (12.5 hrs)
Mon. 6 am - 2:30 pm (6.5 hrs)
(Three, 1-hour meal breaks;
Ayurvedic meals with YTT partipicants rotating kitchen seva, i.e. service, shopping and cooking.) 

Course Requirements and Application Process

1+ YEAR EXTENSIVE YOGA EXPERIENCE: Students must have at least one year of extensive yoga practice

COMMITMENT TO 100% ATTENDANCE: Registration must be a commitment to attend the entire program, all 5 weekends, and complete assigned projects on time--readings, writing assignments, time shared with designated yoga mentor, and a creative community yoga project

250-500 WORD ESSAY: Write a 250-500 word essay on why you want to attend this particular yoga teacher training and why you feel you will be a successful participant.

2 RECOMMENDATIONS: Submit two letters of recommendation along with your completed application. Use Application and Recommendation Forms below.

Link to YogaLife Academy January-May 2014 Application
Link to Recommendation Form

Fees and Cancellation Policy

CHARGE FEES ON OUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT--NO INTEREST FOR 6 MONTHS $2600 for the 5-weekend training when paid in full at the beginning  

 $2800 for payment plan: $800 upon registration; plus four $500 payments--

  the first of the months of Jan., Feb., March, and April

•Tuition includes three Ayurvedic meals, instruction, activities, and Yoga Training Manual
•Added fee for netti pot, materials and books (estimated $75)  
•Additional fees for optional private Ayurvedic consultation, and any herbs recommended

•Cancellation Policy: Fees are refundable minus $200 non-refundable registration fee if notified more than 30 days prior to course start. No refunds after program start for any reason. Fees may be transferred to a future teacher training if available

YogaLife Academy Endorsements from
YTT Students and Yoga Instructors:

What I appreciated about the program: dear friends, a warm environment, wonderful food and a knowledgeable mentor. I love being stretched physically and mentally in new ways.  What I gained is an appreciation for the sutras, the principles, the beauty of the Gita, the rich traditional wisdom embodied by yoga practice. I understand yoga as a way of staying healthy. I learned the beauty and complex perfection of the human body. A rich, intensive experience, YTT, allowed me to grow as an individual and as a yoga student. My teaching will reflect the layers of wisdom I have received.      

Kim Holland, teacher of English and poet,
Flagstaff, AZ, 2005 YTT graduate

What I appreciate most is the diversity of the program;  a large spectrum of the Yoga experience was explored. ...the continuity in teaching with each subject well explored.  ...the dedication of Maheshvari.  What I gained:  the skills to teach yoga and the skills to go much deeper in my personal practice. I expecially gained from the sections on meditation.

My experience at the YogaLife Academy changed my life by really teaching me what Yoga is, and how it applies to everyday life.  With my new understanding, I can carry the yogic principles into every aspect of life. Thank you.

Jasmina Henley, Yoga Instructor,

Jerome, AZ, 2005 YTT graduate

I appreciate that the program was thorough and covered a lot of material in a reasonable amount of time. The lessons were fresh and interesting. Each instructor truly loves what she does and demonstrated the lessons with fervor and sincerity.  I gained a spiritual history of yoga through the study of the sutras and the Gita. That has really deepened my practice and helped me to see and feel the "whole beautiful picture" of yoga. 

The YogaLife Academy embodies the true essence of yoga. Yoga is so much more than asana theory and practice; it is a way of life.  When you learn how to "live yoga," amazing things begin to happen. YogaLife Academy focuses on how to fully incorporate yoga into your life and teaching. That is what makes this teacher training workshop so special.

Melissa Gentile, teacher of English and yoga instructor,
New Jersey, 2005 YTT graduate


"Learning to teach the Yamas and Niyamas with Johanna/Maheshvari took my teaching yoga to a new level. I can't imagine my teaching without that transformative

weekend teacher training with her at Kripalu."

P.S. I use your YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom book in all the classes I lead for yoga teacher training and guest classes.
And as I use your book, someone more often than not asksabout the prayers and says they want to buy the book.

Krutika Protzman, Kripalu yoga teacher
at Kripalu Yoga Center, Lenox, MA


Thanks for being an integral part of Yogawell's Institute of Progressive Therapies Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Your workshops and seminars are practical peak experiences that everyone from curious newbies to serious teachers in training relish and savor. Your energy is radiant when you teach teachers as you seem to be able to connect deeply with each and everyone in your audience. Your words are sweet yet provocative, and your guidance in postures is most unique and nurturing. We love your humor and your beautifully clear answers when you lead teachings. You know a lot and yet are very humble and approachable. You obviously care about people and our creative spirit in your sincere and splendid work.

Shanti, K. Lee

Postumously Previously Quoted: Kathy Lee Kappermeier-Faust,
Formerly--Director, Yogawell's Institute of Progressive Therapies, San Diego, CA



YogaLife Academy Director

Johanna Mosca, Ph.D. (Maheshvari) ERYT 500

         "As I live and learn, I am dedicated to expanding consciousness for myself and others so we can all contribute to the highest good.  I believe we are all energy beings who can become 'self-cleaning ovens' and can always connect more deeply with our already-present enlightenment. And Classical Hatha Yoga is the best tool for us to achieve ongoing transformation and contentment.  May all beings be happy."

Maheshvari is a longtime Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, who has taught Classical Hatha Yoga for twenty-two years and was a teacher and staff developer in the NYC schools for 25 years. In 1994, Johanna founded Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking and began leading yoga hikes, retreats, PRYT sessions, and international workshops on the yoga sutras. Johanna has a 500-hour diploma from the International Yoga College and ERYT 500 from the Yoga Alliance. She is a past President of the Arizona Yoga Association.

In 1990, Johanna was named "Maheshvari" by Yogi Amrit Desai. She studied Yoga extensively with Yogi Amrit Desai, Michal Lee and Rama Jyoti Vernon, Sanskrit with Nicolai Bachman, and Vedic chanting with Sonia Nelson. In Jan.-Feb. 2005, Johanna received two Certificates from individualized Yoga therapy trainings led by T.V.K. and Kaustub Desikachar at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India.

Maheshvari is author of YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom (sold-out first edition; new second-edition being used in worldwide teacher trainings) and Cultivate Contentment: Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today's World , books, cd sets and cards based on living the principles of Yoga. Maheshvari is founder of the YogaLife Academy in Sedona, where she and several esteemed colleagues offer teacher training workshops designed to help you expand into your fullest inner being and share that Light with others by teaching Classical Hatha Yoga. From Sept. to Dec. 2011, Maheshvari was Featured Yoga Teacher of the Arizona Yoga Association. Johanna Maheshvari is committed to helping her students expand higher consciousness, achieve optimal well-being and contentment, and live a "yogalife" with grace and ease.



Sharon Day ERYT 500

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Sharon Day ERYT 500 enjoys helping students improve their health through practicing yoga and Ayurveda.  As a massage therapist, middle eastern dancer and Iyengar influenced yogini, Sharon brings an earthy, open quality to her classes.  She loves to tell you why you are in the pose and the healing benefits from each one. Sharon brings into her class a wealth of knowledge, solid instruction and a dose of humor.   

Sharon is ERYT 500 hour certified with Yoga Alliance and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  She is certified with Yoga of the Heart, which is a cardiac and cancer therapy program, certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, certified with the massage school ASIS for Ayurveda and Yoga.  She is a Reiki therapist and a certified group fitness instructor with the American Council on Exercise. In her teaching, she brings students all the wisdom of her teachers and guides for 30 years.

Sharon teaches Hatha yoga, restorative yoga, Ayurvedic yoga. She is inspired in the Yoga and Ayurvedic traditions, customizing her classes to meet the student fitness level and health requirements. To add a little spice, Sharon is a certified Zumba instructor, who dances up her own vortex energy in fun fitness work-outs. Sharon enjoys customizing her yoga classes to meet the students’ fitness level and health requirements. Her inspiration has always been how we can help to heal the body, mind and spirit in a gentle and positive way.                                                             


Rama Jyoti Vernon will be our guest instructor for one day,
February 15th --
Our Valentine's Day Gift!

A renowned international yogi, Rama is  one of the founders of the Yoga Journal, co-founder of the IYC, International Yoga College, and Unity in Yoga, a master teacher, and a world peace maker. She will teach you to explore opening the body by extending and breathing into each pose as a deeply spiritual offering. You will be guided to breathe into the asana so that the pose itself embodies the warm-ups, expands breathing, and creates space for a deeper stretch. 

Rama's presence is a true gift!

$2600 for all 5 weekends
paid in full at start
(Not inc. books & materials)

$600 per single individual weekend

(Not incl. books & materials)

$2800 with Payment Installment Plan
$800 upon registration and
$500 1st of Jan., Feb., March, April

(Not incl. books & materials)


You may charge tuition payments on PayPal
with any credit card

providing you pay the 3% fee that is added

 Sedona Spirit YogaLife Academy
P.O. Box 278
Sedona, AZ 86339
Contact Johanna 928-282-9900


Featured Three Times

in Yoga Journal

in the Past Decade

June 2011
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Call of the Wild
" ... If you've ever been on a yoga retreat, you know that the experience of practicing yoga in a beautiful place, with the support of like-minded people and plenty of time for rest and relaxation, can refresh your outlook and create the conditions for breakthroughs in your practice and in your whole life." The article recommended our 2011 Sedona Vortex Yoga & Hiking Retreats!

• • • • •

April 2001
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The Price is Right
Money-Saving Tips for the Savvy Yoga Traveler

Once again Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking was featured in this article about “Yoga for Every Budget.” We were one of nine recommended retreat centers listed as having low to middle to high pricing. Author Elizabeth Cutting cited Sedona Spirit Yoga as having “middle” pricing and wrote that we offer custom retreats for various “middle of the road” prices based on participants’ choice of accommodations and the length of stay. She then referred readers to our website


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December 2000

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Soul Revival: 10 Holiday Retreats that Renew Body and Spirit

Our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking New Year’s Retreat for 2000 was featured in the Yoga Journal, as one of ten outstanding yoga retreats for physical, mental and spiritual self-renewal. in her warm recommendation of Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking vortex retreats, author Elizabeth Cutting wrote—“Relax, Release and Receive in a Raja (Classical Hatha) Yoga retreat for all levels.  Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, Ph.D., author of YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom, shows how to live your yogic practice in every aspect of life.”

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