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3-Hour Vortex Hike

Family 3-Hour Vortex Hike

5-6 Hour Three Vortex Excursion

6 Hour Vigorous 5+ Mile Hike

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What is a Vortex?


The Sedona Sacred Sites Yoga Hike Tour

Enjoy visiting three of Sedona’s sacred places
Choose 3 of the following 4 Sedona treasures

  • Feel your prayers being answered at the Sedona Tibetan Stupa
  • Discover the peace within as you walk the Labyrinth
  • Light a candle at the majestic Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Pray for peace and do a bit of yoga in a gazebo
    beside the Peace Pole at the Sedona Creative Life Center

Be guided by Johanna and her team
of expert vortex yoga hike leaders

  • Learn the history of each of these sacred Sedona sites
  • Use the energy to go deep within in yoga and guided meditation
  • Stretch you body and spirit in gentle yoga poses
  • Take time to savor the silence in your own way

Your Sedona Sacred Sites Yoga Hike Tour includes:

KPC Amitabha Stupa in SedonaThe KPC Sedona Amitabha Stupa is a place of great blessing. A stupa, by Buddhist definition, is a structural embodiment of the Buddha’s enlightened mind. It is a radiating presence that transmits blessings to individuals, the surrounding area, and the world.  As visitors walk around, circling the stupa a number of times, praying for themselves, their families and the world-- prayers are magnified in the awesome energy of this stupa tucked in the middle of vast red rock vortex vistas.

The Sedona Labyrinth is a mystical mandala of paths behind an inn amid three acres of serene gardens.  Over the past decade there has beena revival of the tradition of using a labyrinth as a meditation, relaxation and spiritual tool.The labyrinth, in the heart of Sedona, was built by the community as tribute to the spirit within and the spirit of the land. It is a magical, meditative place that has avery calming effect as you walk the labyrinth at your own pace, communing with your inner self and the land.

Sacred Site in SedonaThe Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross has been an attractive Sedona landmark since its completion in 1956. Designed by a pupil of Frank Lloyd Wright, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, the Chapel appears to rise out of the surrounding red rocks. The towering cross and awesome panoramic red rock views are inspiring. You can experience the combined energy of three Sedona vortexes from the Chapel grounds, which offer a view of Bell Rock vortex, Cathedral vortex and Airport Mesa vortex.  You will want to take photographs in all directions. The Sedona chapel has artistic stained glass windows, a place to light candles, a gift shop and a very peaceful, mystical energy.

The Sedona Peace Pole is a newly-erected shrine for peace on the grounds of the Sedona Creative Life center.  The pole, with prayers for peace written on the sides in several languages, stands amid acres of desert forest land with a backdrop of expansive red rock structures. After a short hike, you come to a lovely gazebo, which offers delightful shade in which to enjoy guided yoga stretches amid vortex energy. The peace pole is great place to combine your prayers with the prayers of others, as we pray for peace in our hearts, peace in our lives, and peace in our world. Om, shanti.

The Sedona Sacred Site Yoga Tour:  approximately 3 hours
$90 per person for two or more hike guests, $150 for a solo hike guest.
To schedule your Sedona Sacred Site Yoga Hike Tour, email Call  toll-free 888.282.9901 or 928.282.9900

For information about our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking
vortex hikes (with or without yoga) , click here 3-6 Hour Sedona Vortex Hikes


How to Register for your Sedona Sacred Sites Tour:

  • Call 928-282-9900 or email Sedona Spirit Yoga ( to make your tour appointment
  • Fill in the confirmation sheet you will receive via email
  • Pay for your tour online using the PayPal buttons and your charge card. Or you can send a check a week in advance, or pay cash the day of the hike. Please see cancellation policy below.
  • Meet your tour leader at the designated meeting place
  • We do not provide transportation; you drive to the trail head

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Sedona Spirit Yoga Vortex Hikes and Tours
With or Without Yoga ~ No prior yoga or
hiking experience is needed!

Become more of yourself amid Sedona's vortexes!

  • Join Johanna and our expert hike leaders guide you to Sedona's vortexes
  • Hike to the most scenic Sedona red rock vortex areas
  • Set your own leisurely or invigorating hike pace
  • Be guided to hike Sedona's best trails and commune with
    vortex energy
  • Relax into the peace of yoga and access the well-being within
  • Use yoga and Sedona's accelerating vortex energy to release the past and open up to the new you!

Group yoga pose during Sedona Spirit Vortex Hike

Join us for a 4-5 day
transformational yoga & hiking retreat

For information about our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking retreats, click here Sedona Yoga Hikes, Sedona Vortex Tours and Yoga Retreats by Johanna Maheshvari Mosca.

Relax...Release...Receive...and Renew!

  • Learn about Sedona's vortex energy and legends of Sedona
  • Discover the plant medicine and animal life of the Sedona area
  • Feel invigorated while hiking Sedona red rock vortex trails
  • Enjoy quiet time to commune with Sedona vortex energy
  • Choose to do guided breathing and meditation during the hike
  • Clear your energy at a Sedona vortex hike site with guided chakra balancing and toning
  • Stretch your body and spirit in gentle yoga movements 
  • Feel the exhilaration of expanded aliveness in vortex energy 
  • Pamper yourself with a massage or psychic or astrology reading

Where do we hike in Sedona?

We hike in the Sedona red rock vortex area in lush high desert forest with a wide choice of easy-to-challenging trails -- leading to Sedona's mesas and mountain peaks and caves with traces of Native American cliff dwellings. All Sedona Spirit Yoga hike sites have spectacular majestic views of towering red rocks that radiate mystical Sedona vortex energy.

What do you experience on your Sedona vortex hike?

  • Yoga hike in Sedona ancient ruinsBalance your chakra for increased energy
  • Relax with freeing yoga breathing exercises
  • Stretch into gentle yoga poses
  • Enjoy guided meditation and visualization at the hike site
  • Use Sedona's vortex energy to go deep within
  • Release past burdens through guided yoga and centering, and launch new intentions
  • Feel your connectedness with nature and all of life as you hike amid Sedona vortex energy
  • Join us for a heart-opening Sedona yoga vortex experience!

Great exercise for mind, body, and spirit!

Choose the activities you would like to experience during your vortex yoga hike:

  • Relax, Release, Receive  & Renew using vortex energyExperience chakra balancing and yoga centering

  • Access inner quiet through expanded yoga breathing and meditation
  • Explore guided visualization communing with vortex energy
  • Stretch with yoga on the red rocks during your hike
  • Learn about the plants, animals, and legends of Sedona
  • Yes, you are in good enough shape to do this vortex hike!

Sedona Vortex Hikes (With Yoga or Without Yoga)
are Offered Daily, by Appointment -- Scroll down for:

  • 3-hour vortex yoga hikes or outdoor classes
  • Discounted family hikes
  • 5-6 hour hikes to several vortexes
  • 5-6-hr combination vortex yoga hike and sacred site tour

3-Hour Sedona Vortex Yoga Hikes Scheduled by You,
Daily as Available, with or without yoga poses. 

Choose from four 3-hour hike options--

  • Short visits to two vortexes
  • A long yoga class at one tri-vortex site
  • A 45-minute moderate hike to a scenic overlook
  • A tour to three of Sedona's Sacred sites

(3-Hour Sedona Vortex Hike Fees: $90 each for 2+ hike guests; $150 single hike guest; $40 child hikers under age 15; large group hike discounts available)

Family Special 3-Hour Sedona Vortex Yoga Hike --
Fun Vortex Hike for Parents traveling with Children

  • Enjoy being with an expert vortex guide who is also a parent
  • Take a leisurely yoga hike to a scenic Sedona vortex site
  • Engage in stories and games guided by your yoga hike leader
  • Learn about the legends, plants and animals of Sedona
  • Choose to do playful yoga stretches during your hike
  • No charge for infants. Children under fifteen joining the vortex yoga hike attend with parents for the kids' price of $40
  • Let us know the age of participants, and our leaders will prepare fun vortex yoga activities.  Ask for the family special vortex yoga hike  (2.5 to 3 hours)

(3-Hour Sedona Vortex Hike Fees:  $90 each adult 2+ hike guests;   $40 child hikers under age 15 )

3-Hour Sedona Spirit Yoga Vortex Hikes
(Use PayPal up to 48 hours before hike.
Fee does not include leader gratuity)

$90 ea for 2+

$150 Single

$40 Children

• • • • •

Full Day Hike
5 to 6-hour vortex yoga & hiking excursion with a stop to pick up your own lunch for a red rock picnic

Combine any two of the following 3-hour hike options
for a full-day mystical adventure--

  • Short visits to two vortexes
  • A long yoga class at one tri-vortex site
  • A 45-minute moderate hike to a scenic overlook
  • A tour to three of Sedona's Sacred sites

In one day, you can get to see it all!

  • Let us guide you to three of Sedona's most famous vortexes
  • Learn about Sedona's legends, plants and animals 
  • Commune with Sedona's vortex energy in your own way
  • Choose guided yoga hike activities to relax more deeply
  • Release any "baggage" or blocks you might have
  • Receive a heart-opening yoga transformation
  • Feel renewed as you expand your consciousness through yoga breathing, meditation and poses amid mystical vortex sites Become more of yourself in Sedona's vortex energy!

(5-6 Hour Sedona Vortex Yoga Hike Fees: $175 each for 2 or more hike guests; $275 single hike guest; $75 child hikers under age 15; large group hike discounts -- by appointment)

About Children:  The only children on our hikes are little angels with their families, and those "family discount hikes" are led separately.  There are no children on our regular hikes.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?  --No.

Must I wear hiking boots? --Good sneakers or teva-type supportive hiking sandals are fine (No flip flops!).

What do I wear? --Loose-fitting comfortable clothes you can stretch in and sit on the ground in.

What do I bring? --A water bottle, a snack, a light windbreaker or jacket, a sun hat, sun glasses and sunscreen.

How much yoga do we do? --That depends on the request of the guests scheduling the hike. A half hour to 1.5 hours depending on guest request, your leader and the length of the hike.

What if I am a beginner and my companion has never done yoga?

--We tailor the hike to each person's interests; sometimes husbands take photos while wives do yoga.

How difficult is the hike? --All of our hikes are easy to moderate, and we let our clients set the pace.

What is a vortex anyway? --Visit 

Additional Healing Services Available

Want to enjoy a Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreat?


About the Vortex Energy of Sedona

Legend says that Sedona is one of the “power spots” of the world, and that its red rock country is a vortex of energy.  Indians tell us that Sedona's "towering crimson peaks stimulate sensitivity and are the home of the Great Spirit.”  Amid red rock vortex country, people come face to face with themselves and the potentials of their nature. Author Dick Sutphen says psychic vortex energy in Sedona is “greater than anywhere else in the country,” and the increased vortex energy rapidly expands higher consciousness.

In the 1950's, a woman named Page Bryant found vortex energy centers, electromagnetic fields of vortex energy, in the Sedona area: Boynton Canyon vortex, close to the ancient ruins of Palatki; Bell Rock vortex, Cathedral Rock vortex, and Airport Mesa vortex, as well as vortexes on Rachel's Knoll and Chapel Road close to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Similar vortex energy centers have been cited in Stonehenge, England, Machu Picchu, Peru,  and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. 

Sedona has long been used by Native Americans for its healing atmosphere and sacred areas. The Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon area has been sacred to aboriginal people since prehistoric times. The Hopi, Navajo and their ancestors, as well as natives from Canada and Central America would journey to Sedona for healing and learning. Join us for a vortex yoga hike or a weekend yoga and hiking retreat to discover the unique effect of Sedona's vortex energy that is said to accelerate healing, promote clarity and insight, and forward you on your journey.

Experience empowering Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking vortex hikes and self-renewal retreats. Explore inner quiet through expanded yoga breathing, guided meditation, gentle yoga on the red rocks, and massage. Use both yoga and the vortex energy to let go of the past, and ground your strength in the present moment. Our expert yoga hike leaders, healers, and readers will guide you to use the transformational vortex energy of Sedona to open your heart and further your dreams. No yoga or hiking experience is needed. Join us and see how you experience becoming more of yourself amid Sedona's vortex energy!

Call Johanna at 928.282.9900 •


I honor the place in you in which the entire world dwells 
 I honor the place in you
which is of truth, love,
peace and light 
When you are in
that place in you and
I am in that place in me 
We Are One

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