Tap Your Inner Resources With PRYT

Article by Johanna Mosca, PhD

Tap Your Inner Resources With Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Tap Your Inner Resources With
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

An Article by Johanna Mosca, PhD

There is a wellspring of wisdom inside the body. We have life experiences we don’t know how to process, so we stuff them inside, and our body responds with an ache, a tightness or an emotional upset. PHOENIX RISING YOGA THERAPY (PRYT) is a body/mind technique that combines assisted yoga postures with breathing and dialogue to guide you back to your inner resources.

rising1_000PRYT yoga instruction with Johanna Maheshvari MoscaImagine yourself in the presence of a loving yoga therapist, who creates a safe space for you to explore body sensations and life issues, then gently moves your body into yoga postures to release whatever you’re holding. You are guided to listen to your Higher Self and focus on bringing your body, mind and spirit into harmony.

At SEDONA SPIRIT YOGA, I’ve discovered that PRYT sessions are the best way to channel my energy to help people heal themselves. First, we do a preliminary interview, yoga stretches and body scan to give me an idea of what my client needs. Then we do a brief centering and meditation, in which I call upon Spirit, my client’s guides and my guides, asking for their blessings of love, light and healing for the highest good. I surrender to not-knowing and allow Spirit to guide me.

With my client reclining, I place one hand on the heart and the other on the belly, gently balancing energy and synchronizing our breathing. Then I relax my client with warm-ups: foot flexing and leg rotations, arm rotations and traction, neck extensions and energy balancing at the temples.

If there is neck and shoulder tightness, I may guide my client into an assisted cobra to open up that area and have her/him focus on breathing deeply while I support the posture and monitor what’s happening. There is no counseling; I simply ask–“What’s happening now?”–actively listen, and say, “Tell me more.” Together we repeat the affirmation for the cobra–“I can rise to meet all challenges.”

After several postures, my client rests in fetal position as I touch her/his back, gently rocking and balancing energy. We end with a seated integration, in which my client shares session highlights and asks her/his Higher Self if there is some message or advice, which we then bring forth as an affirmation.

Often tears are shed, hurts are let go, tightness disappears, insights occur, hearts open and energy flows more freely. By the end of the two-hour session, clients feel increased well-being and a greater connectedness with their inner wisdom. Here’s what some have said about their experience: Ruth Merrill, Receptionist, Sedona: “I felt my body coming alive where tension had been. I feel exhilarated!” Ann Newmann, Teacher, Florida: “My lower and upper back haven’t felt that good in a long time.” Theresa Ives, Social Worker, Tucson: “I feel lighter/free! I felt a release of energy; my heart chakra opened up.” Jim Krumholtz, Orthodontist, Florida: “I was put in touch with my higher consciousness. I released a long term trauma injury.” Vickie Belman, Legal Assistant, Flagstaff: “Very releasing, nurturing, a deeper connection with myself.” Morea Garcia, Masseuse, Sedona: “I congratulate you on the level of healing opened to. It was a blessing.”

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