Solo Spiritual Journey Retreat: Sedona Arizona

A Private Nurturing Soul Adventure

Solo Spiritual Journey


An Uplifting Soul Adventure

Design-Your-Own Retreat
Where Life is All About YOU!

Join Johanna and Design-Your-Own Heart-Opening
Yoga, Meditation, and Coaching Experience
You choose your dates for activities and secure your own lodging
This retreat is designed for one person on the spiritual path,
a man or a woman, who would like to clear out the old, boot-up and refresh

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It’s all about YOU!

Come to a retreat where the focus is on YOU—the place where Life is all about you! Are you needing a boost? Johanna Maheshvari is now offering private self-renewal retreats for one woman or man on a spiritual journey. Changing jobs? Getting divorced? Recently had a baby? Grieving over a loss? Or are you a nurturer, who is constantly giving to others and can use a little pampering and self-care?

In challenging times, it’s important to keep grounded and nurture ourselves, especially when facing a turning point and needing to get clear on our next steps. Sometimes during a transition, it’s good to take time out from your familiar surroundings to get a fresh perspective — and what better place to do it than with your own private life coach in magical Sedona, Arizona.

Pamper yourself at a private 3-day spiritual getaway, with your expert life coach and Yoga/Meditation teacher, who is your confidential committed listener and trusted support person. For the 3-day retreat, she gives you her undivided attention, support and coaching. After an interview about your needs, interests, preferred activities, and favorite foods, retreat leader Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD, will design a very nurturing, fun getaway tailored to you. Schedule a 3-day private coaching retreat for your best dates, and choose your own lodging with Johanna’s assistance.

Explore where you are at in your life in candid conversations with your trusted life coach, your very own confidential listener, who is committed to helping you heighten your strength, clarity and well-being. With decades of counseling and teaching experience, Johanna is trained to help you lighten-up any issues you may be facing and make your own clear decisions.  Author of several books about gaining peace and well-being through Yoga, Johanna gives retreat guests complimentary copies of Cultivate Contentment: Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today’s World plus her other books and CD sets.

In addition to ongoing listening and coaching, enjoy being guided to release stress and clear emotions in gentle Yoga and Meditation, indoors and outdoors on nature walks amid magnificent red rock vortex sites.  Receive nurturing Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions and healing massage–whatever type of massage you prefer. Enjoy two private indoor Yoga classes at Johanna’s lodge studio to develop a Yoga practice that you can do on your own at home.

Johanna helps you heal the past, embrace the present, and launch intentions for the future–all in the healing vortex energy of Sedona. Experience Sedona’s magic with a very experienced guide and Yoga master. Open your heart to greater joy and aliveness!  Two of Johanna’s retreat themes are:
“Relax, Release, Receive and Renew!”  *  “Become more of yourself in Sedona.”
Visit www.yogalife.net/sedona_private_yoga_retreats.html


Day One: 2-5:45 pm—Welcome tour of Sedona with Yoga, Meditation and Intention-Setting. Sharing and Life Coaching over dinner in a Sedona Restaurant
6:00-7:30 pm—90 minute massage of your preference
7:30 pm on—Free evening to relax

Day Two: 9-1 pm—Mini Yoga Retreat with a short hike to Eagle’s Nest Cathedral Rock overlook, a Creekside clearing meditation, gentle Yoga beneath a sacred Cottonwood Tree, a guided Yoga Nidra relaxation session, and brass Tibetan bowl sound healing, followed by a scenic picnic lunch.
1-4 pm—Free time to tour and shop
4-6 pm—Custom Yoga class at Johanna’s Lodge
6 pm on—Free evening to relax

Day Three: 9-1 pm—Gentle Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra at two of Sedona’s sacred sites. Blessings at the Amitabha Stupa and a medicine wheel prayer for your journey, followed by a scenic picnic lunch.
2-4 pm—Custom Yoga class and final coaching at Johanna’s Lodge

Activities Include–
–1 Welcome Sedona restaurant dinner
–3 Sedona Red Rock Vortex Yoga/Meditation experiences
–2 Yoga Nidra Meditation Relaxation Sessions
–2 Private indoor Yoga/Meditation classes tailored to your body
— Assisted Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to relax your body
–1 90 minute massage the way you like it
–2 Picnic lunches
–Complimentary books and CDs by Johanna Mosca, PhD (Valued over $50)
16 Hours of Private Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Sedona excursions
Plus a massage, welcome dinner, 2 lunches, books and CDs valued over $50.

Fee:  $1,440 total
(Excludes lodging and meals except for welcome dinner and lunches)


Miki writes about her Retreat Experience:
This was one of the best things I ever arranged for myself. I have a demanding, stressful job. I still remember the peaceful feeling I shared with Johanna doing meditation at her yoga space. She is a loving and free spirit, a perfect guide for any level of student. I really recommend this retreat for those who, like me, need to find balance and peace and recharge. Since Johanna’s retreat, I find love in the small things and found inner peace to really enjoy exactly what is. “– Miki, Japan

Rachel writes about her Retreat Experience:
Released tension and Accepted Myself and Others:
“After having worked in two very stressful jobs, I was feeling tired, confused, and burnt out with life. I decided that I needed to detox and focus on myself for a bit. I found Johanna on the Web and I felt that this was the place I should go and the person that I should work with on my journey. Simply. Through meditations, conversations, and Yoga therapy treatments, I learned to release some of my tension and to accept myself and others. By the time I left the retreat, I had such a sense of inner peace and comfort that people commented about how peaceful and serene I appeared. However, the best thing to come out of the retreat was my baby Paige. Johanna and I talked about my stress around not being able to conceive for five years as well as a tendency to put my husband down. Johanna coached me to accept him just as he was and to not label him. After the retreat, I conceived…. I consider myself blessed that God led me to Johanna.”

 Jenny’s feedback on her Retreat:
Better Than I Expected: “This was an excellent experience for me. It was a time to focus on me. Johanna is a breath of fresh air.  She is knowledgeable, kind, straight forward and fun.   It was amazing to listen to her teachings. With her guidance, I learned how to mediate to clear my mind so I could focus on the important matters in my life. I still mediate several times a week and love the yoga stretches for the spine…. I found that I must take time for myself to make me the best person I can be– then I can be the best person for everyone else.  Writing in a journal was a wonderful way to express myself and to understand my feelings. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this retreat; I had to trust my instincts and go for it.  I’m very grateful I did!!  It was better than I expected and gave me the focus I needed to move forward in a positive direction in my life.  Johanna ~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

What you can take home
from your solo spiritual retreat–

  • Have a fun adventure!
  • Experience the energy of awesome Sedona vortexes  
  • Visit the sacred sites of Sedona: the Tibetan Stupa,
    the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Rachel’s Knoll
  • Enjoy daily Yoga instruction and life coaching
  • Receive private Yoga/Meditation instruction and
    a personal practice tailored for you to take home
  • Relax with a 90-minute massage
  • Get more deeply in touch with your inner self
  • Gain ways to tap into your own wisdom and listen to it
  • Heighten your sense of oneness, self-acceptance, and love
    through gentle Yoga
  • Learn breathing and Meditation strategies for reducing stress and maximizing the joy of the moment
  • Use easy to follow i-Rest inner restoration practices to relax and welcome every aspect of your life
  • Treasure a heart-opening transformation that will further you along your path
  • Feel clearer, more alive, and ready to greet what’s next in life

    If you think this retreat is for you,
    Call Johanna now 928-282-9900

Photos of Solo Sedona Spirit Yoga’s Powerful Female Guests and Teachers!  We design spiritual journeys for men, too!

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