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2.5 to 5 hour Sedona Spiritual Experience


Please call 928-282-9900 to check availability for your hike appointment before making any payments.

2.5-3 Hour Sedona Spiritual Experience at One Site
$110 Per Person for 2-6 guests
$198 for a Solo
$80 Per Person for 7-12 guests

4.5-5 Hour Sedona Spiritual Experience at Two Sites
$155 Per Person for 2-6 guests
$279 for a Solo
$125 Per Person for 7-12 guests

If your hiking party is for 13 or more people, please call us at 928-282-9900.
We will give a further discount and send you a custom invoice. Thank you!

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Sedona Spiritual Experience Tours

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sedona-vortex-hiking-trips2½-3-Hour SEDONA VORTEX EXPERIENCE, $110 per person, 2 or more guests; $198 solo
Experience the vortex energy that Sedona is famous for. Enjoy a gentle nature walk to a scenic red rock vortex plateau. Learn about sacred plants and animals and the unique energy of various vortexes. Be guided to clear your mind, body and spirit of past challenges so you can lighten up and open to the new moment. Be guided to connect with the vortex energy and use it to heal the past, launch intentions for the future, and embrace loving yourself and your life more fully. (Optional activities: calming breathing exercises, guided centering and meditation, plant talk, gentle movement in yoga poses)

2½-3-Hour SACRED SITES TOUR, $110 per person
for 2 or more guests; $198 solo

Enjoy visits to three of Sedona’s most sacred sites: the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Labyrinth, and the Amitabha Stupa that is said to remove negative past karma and magnigy your prayers 10,000 times. (Optional activities: calming breathing exercises, guided centering and meditation, plant talk, gentle movement in yoga poses)

NEW:  2½-3-Hr iRest Yoga Nidra “Release and Relax”
Let Johanna guide you inward through body, breath, emotions, and thoughts to a place of core strength and joy! $110 per person for 2 or more guests, $198 solo
Enjoy a leisurely nature walk, admiring the plants and foliage on Rachel’s Knoll, a special sacred site devoted to spiritual enrichment of Sedona visitors and peace in the world. Soak in the magnificient red rock views surrounding the knoll.  Johanna will invite you to share what’s going on for you and help you hone in on what you want to release and bring forth. She will guide you in a chakra clearing, centering upon the breath, and a short series of easy warm-up poses, then have you lie down in deep relaxation for a guided Yoga Nidra session. Johanna will assist you to relax every part of your being: the physical, the breath, the emotional body, the intellectual body, and finally access your “ananda” or bliss consciousness.  If you like, Johanna will end your session with a brass Tibetan Bowl sound healing. Click here to learn more about Johanna’s Yoga Nidra Sessions.

4-Hr MINI YOGA RETREAT, $155 per person, 2 or more guests, $279 solo
Enjoy a 4-hour, magical, life-altering, Yoga-hike adventure!  Enjoy learning about Sedona’s Indian legends, plants and trees, and their medicinal properties. Relax with chakra balancing, centering on the breath, and gentle Yoga poses in the shade of a huge old Cottonwood tree called the Wedding Tree. Commune with sacred plants on a gentle nature walk up to the historic Apache Fire House, built by Helen and Jack Frye in 1947, a site used for Helen’s group Eckankar meditations. Enjoy this scenic plateau with a variety of plantlife and a majestic view of Cathedral Rock, the vortex know for its uplifting feminine energy. Open your heart and clear your mind with peaceful Yoga and meditation designed just for you. Benefit from a guided clearing using essential oils. Enjoy a relaxing Tibetan Bowl sound healing, an optional Tarot reading, and insightful life coaching. Four hours enjoying nature, vortex energy and Yoga relaxation, led by your expert tour guide and experienced Yoga teacher, Johanna Maheshvari.

 A medicine wheel ceremony at Amitabha Stupa

Yoga and energy clearing at 2 sacred sites–
Rachel’s Knoll and the Amitaba Stupa
— $155 per person, 2 or more guests, $279 solo
Visit two famous Sedona area attractions. Enjoy two nature walks, appreciating plant life on widely different terrains. Relax with Yoga and meditation amid fantastic red rock views on Rachel’s Knoll. Enjoy a short drive to the sacred Amitaba Stupa, a treasured Buddhist shrine that is said to magnify your prayers 10,000 times and remove all past Karma. You can choose from a variety of activities at each site. Favorites are plant-talk about the nature and medicinal uses of local plants, chakra balancing, clearing meditation, intention setting, and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation.  Enjoy two very special spiritual tour experiences with nature walks, centering, and meditation at each site.



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3-Hour Hike: $80pp for 7-12 hikers, 3-Hour Hike: $110pp for 2-6 hikers, 3-Hour Hike: $198 for solo hiker, 4-Hour Hike: $125pp for 7-12 hikers, 4-Hour Hike: $155pp for 2-6 hikers, 4-Hour Hike: $279 for solo hiker


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