Teen Triumph:

10 Ways to a Winning Life

Teen Triumph: 10 Ways to a Winning Life


Announcing Johanna’s New Book Launch

Teen Triumph: 10 Ways to a Winning Life brings the wisdom of ancient Yoga sages from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to empower teenagers to handle life’s challenges. With an upbeat voice and lots of fun illustrations, the book shares five principles for harmony with others and five principles for being the best person you can be. It contains a lively review of each principle with potholes to avoid, tips to follow, reflection questions, and ways to contribute to others. Author, Johanna Mosca, a former high school English teacher, urges teens to develop inner strength. She guides them to “think positive,” quickly release negativity, stay grateful, practice forgiveness, question perceptions, contribute good energy, and like themselves every day.  Dr. Mosca is the messenger, bringing ancient wisdom to teens, not telling them how to live their lives, but inviting them to go inside and find out. $13.50 only at Amazon.com

Teen Triumph: 10 Ways to a Winning Life,
by Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD

Contact the author at jm@yogalife.net (928-592-3626) to find out how to get bulk discount copies with your organization’s contact info printed on top of the front cover. 

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Teen Triumph: 10 Ways to a Winning Life

Bringing the Yama/Niyama Yoga Principles with fun cartoons
to help teens face today’s challenges

A book that you and teens in your care are sure to find uplifting!

Teen Triumph is now available for discounted bulk orders
and personalized cover editions

It’s wonderful news that Johanna Mosca has provided us with a manual that sets forth ten primary tools to help our kids develop strong values and a sense of equanimity as they traverse the daily challenges of adolescence.
As a clinician, parent, and educator, I love this book because it’s simple and straightforward, easy to read, and provides a rich assortment of pictures that are worth a thousand words. This is not just a guidebook for teens, but for parents and clinicians, too, who should be reading this manual alongside their kids….  It’s a manual we can all use to navigate the ins and outs of daily life, so that at night, we can go to sleep with a smile, knowing we did good in each instance we faced during our day.
Richard Miller, PhD. Clinical Psychologist, Educator and Developer of iRest Meditation

Teen Triumph is a very important book for both teenagers and parents. It helps teenagers navigate the world of today and offers parents a better understanding of the challenges teens face. Laced with wonderful illustrations, it is easy-reading that grabs you, pulls you in, and holds even the shortest attention span.
–Rama Vernon, Author of Yoga:
The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry

Teen Triumph is an fantastic, and much needed, book for Teens to discover ways to deal with life’s challenges and temptations. Author Johanna Mosca brilliantly blends humor, illustrations, and clearly outlined bullet-points to get vital concepts across to young people who might have a difficult time keeping their attention on anything these days–especially on books related to improving their lives. Teen Triumph can help teens and adults navigate day-to-day issues without preaching its concepts. Instead, the principles of Teen Triumph empower the reader to recognize how to discern healthy from unhealthy decisions and how to be attracted to the rewards that await anyone who makes healthy choices.
–Michael Mirdad, Best-selling Author



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