Cultivate Contentment:

Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today's World

Cultivate Contentment: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World


Cultivate Contentment: Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today’s World

Available in paperback, e-Book and 5-CD Audiobook – read by the Author.
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What Cultivate Contentment offers that is new and original is the opportunity for you to use timeless yoga principles — combined with the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intention — to upgrade the quality of your daily life. This is your chance to review your life in a unique blame-free process, let go of what you would like to release and enrich your present circumstances. Now is the time to clear out the old, set new standards to live by and design the life you want.

This book is a concrete step-by-step guide to help you look at your life through the lens of each principle, ask yourself specific questions, gain insights into what is most rewarding and set intentions from now on.

Johanna introduces the Four D’s for transforming difficulties and enlightens you about the nature of your Monkey Mind. Easy-to-read and an eye-opening, rewarding journey.  Send for the book or five-CD audio book read by the author, Johanna Maheshvari.

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  • 5-CD Audiobook: $29
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  • Kindle version is available at www.Amazon.com
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