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Leisurely hikes ranging from

1/2 to 2 miles

What is a Vortex?

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Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking

  • Listed #1 in Sunset Magazine's "10 Inspirational Retreats"
  • Featured 3 times in the Yoga Journal & twice in Shape Magazine
  • Appeared on Al Roker's "Good Morning AZ" last summer

3-Hr Vortex Hikes by Appointment

$90 per person for 2 or more

Custom Mini-Retreat Hikes for You and Your Group
Let us know your date and time preference
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FREE Birthday Hike

Enjoy a FREE 3-hour vortex hike on your birthday when you bring at least two
paying companions. Valued at $90.
Proof and advance notice required.
Or plan on enjoying a 6-hour mini-retreat
& pay half price for the birthday gal/guy.

We've got the cupcakes and candles!
Offer expires June, 2015

6-Hour Mini Retreat Picnics By Advance Appt.
led by Johanna Maheshvari or Kate * 9 am-3 pm

Sat., March 7, 9-3, Creekside Mini-Retreat

Fri., April 3, 9-3, Creekside Mini-Retreat

*Hiking *Yoga *Vortex Energy *Plant Talk
*Essential Oils *Clearing Meditation
*Life Coaching *Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
*Tarot Card Reading *Gourmet Picnic Lunch

Enjoy a magical, life-altering,transformational experience in one day! Gentle Hiking, Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, Chakra Balancing,Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, Life Coaching, Tarot Card Reading and a delicious organic
picnic lunch beneath a Juniper tree at 7 Sacred Pools or creekside beneath Cathedral Rock. Enjoy the awesome energy of the 7 Pools and Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole with the red rock Sphinx blessing all from the mountain above or the towering feminine energy of the Mother cascading down Cathedral Rock Vortex. We can take up to 6 guests. Mini-Retreat fee is only $180 per person, inclfee includes a gourmet organic picnic lunch.

We would love to have you join us!                                                                    

"An Uplifting Spiritual Experience"

Be guided to access the energy of mystical red rock vortexes...
with or without
Yoga and Meditation

No prior yoga/hiking experience needed


Call Johanna at 928-282-9900

Vortex Yoga Hikes By Appointment


Call Johanna at 928-282-9900
or email

Ask for Senior Discount
$5 per person 65 or over

3 Hour Vortex Yoga Hikes
Discounted to $90 per person

Weekdays as Available

Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 9 am

6-Hour Mini Retreat Picnics

led by Johanna Maheshvari or Kate * 9 am-3 pm
Only $180 per person with organic picnic lunch


Call us if you have a group for a custom hike
and give us advance notice to prepare your picnic
if you would like a 6-hour vortex mini-retreat hike

          Qualified to Take Good Care of You

  • INVENTOR OF THE YOGA HIKE: Johanna started Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking in 1994 and invented the "vortex yoga hike." For over 20 years, Johanna, the Featured Arizona Yoga Association Teacher of 2011, has worked with longtime colleagues to offer truly uplifting, memorable yoga hikes. Johanna's hikes and retreats earned three features in the Yoga Journal in the past decade. Click here to see international Articles Recommending Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking. Our yoga hikes help guests clear their mind, emotions and body, then connect with the red rock energy and the Divine oneness within. The result is often a life-altering transformation. Read what past hike clients have said about their "majestic and magical" vortex experiences with us Hike Guests Photos & Comments

  • AUTHORIZED HIKE LEADERS: Our leaders all have CPR training, several yoga certifications, yoga and liablility insurance, Sedona plant and vortex knowledge, and experience helping guests commune with red rock energy. We are active in the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and share a SMSA Sedona Chamber Forest Service Permit to legally take you on tours.
  • Our hike leaders are on call to serve you any day of the week, morning or afternoon. When you sign up, we will be happy to send you a bio of your hike leader's yoga experience and other accomplishments. In addition to being excellent yoga hike leaders, each one of us offers private healing sessions independent of our hikes. Find out more by visiting


  • STEP-ON GUIDES: Transportation arranged for visitors without cars. Please let us know if you need help arranging transportation to meet your guide. 
    As we do not have taxi licenses, we do not include transportation in our tour fees and are designated as "step-on guides." Generally, we meet you near the trail
    site and board your vehicle. Our permit with the Forest Service requires that we park only one car at the trail head.

    Learn about the 10 yoga principles for ultimate well-being:

--5 principles for social harmony

--5 principles for personal mastery
Each hiker receives a gift book
written by leader Johanna Mosca

Join our vibrant vortex leaders for a heart-opening adventure!

New 6 Hour Hike--A Mini Retreat

Relax, Release, Receive and Renew...
Become more of yourself in Sedona!

A long, leisurely red rock hike to a magnificent vortex site

with awesome views. Enjoy Yoga, meditation,
chakra balancing, and energy clearing with a Tibetan bowl
and/or chimes and uplifting aromatherapy oils.
Lighten up by sharing anything you would like to leave behind.
Enjoy insightful life coaching and a picnic amid the red rocks.

Your hike leader will bring a delicious "Vortex Veggie" lunch.

Learn about Sedona's plants and legends, plus theories about
the nature of vortex energy and how to best access it.
Led by Johanna Maheshvari by Appointment
$180 per person (for two or more)
includes a delicious organic picnic lunch
Add $90 for a 1.5 hour massage appointment

Ask for $5 Senior Discount for Guests 65 or over

What makes our Sedona hikes special is that we help you make a deep connection with the sacred energy of the land. On our three or five-hour hikes to Sedona vortexes, we walk somewhere between a half mile and two miles, round trip, depending upon your preference. We can refer you to associates if you would like a longer, rigorous hike. On our leisurely vortex yoga hikes, we guide you to “Relax, Release, Receive and Renew!”  Our Sedona yoga guides lead you to awesome vortex sites and guide you in a meditation to clear your mind, body and spirit, and then set intentions and launch them with powerful energy. We guide you amid the best hiking trails and can make your experience a very gentle, short nature walk, a moderate hike, or a lively jaunt amid Sedona hike trails.  In just one hike, we help you access the inner peace and higher consciousness that Sedona vortexes are known for worldwide. 

 Johanna Maheshvari at Cathedral Rock


Relax...Release...Receive...and Renew!
Use Sedona's accelerating vortex energy

in a spiritual ceremony to release the past

and open up to the new you!

  • Learn about Sedona's vortex energy and legends of Sedona
  • Open you heart in a sharing circle similar to Native American Council where all speak and listen from the heart
  • Discover the plant medicine and animal life of the Sedona area
  • Set your own leisurely or invigorating hike pace 
  • Enjoy quiet time to commune with Sedona vortex energy and enhance you spiritual connection with all of life
  • Choose to do guided breathing and meditation during the hike and take spectacular photos if you like
  • Clear your energy at a Sedona vortex hike site with guided chakra balancing and Tibetan bowl toning in a spiritual ceremony
  • Be guided at the vortex site to let go of what no longer serves you, express gratitude for your life's blessings, and set intentions for your life and lives of those you care about
  • Stretch your body and spirit in gentle yoga movements 
  • Feel the exhilaration of expanded aliveness and spiritual awakening in vortex energy 
  • Pamper yourself with a massage or psychic or astrology reading

Johanna, Julie and Roxanne at 7 Sacred Pools

                        A Moment of Prayer at 7 Sacred Pools

Where do we hike in Sedona?

We hike in the Sedona red rock vortex area in lush high desert forest with a wide choice of easy-to-challenging trails -- leading to Sedona's mesas and mountain peaks and caves with traces of Native American cliff dwellings. All Sedona Spirit Yoga hike sites have spectacular majestic views of towering red rocks that radiate mystical Sedona vortex energy. Call Johanna 928-282-9900

Experience Sedona's Vortex Energy

3 Hour Hikes to One Vortex: Hiking, communing with plants, connecting with vortex energy, Yoga, chakra balancing, emotional release, energy clearing, coaching, Tibetan bowl sound healing & annointing with essential oils

*Expert guides from our team will help you choose vortexes

$90 per person--2 or more
6-Hour Transformational Mini-Retreat: Hiking, communing with plants, connecting with vortex energy, Yoga, chakra balancing, emotional release, energy clearing, life-coaching, Tibetan Bowl sound healing, annointing with essential oils, organic picnic lunch & YogaLife CD set
*Expert guide Johanna will choose the perfect vortex site
$180 per person--2 or more

*Cancellation Policy: We schedule our time to serve you and make your reservations with our hike leaders. Kindly let us know at least 48 hours before your hike if you must cancel, or there is a $50 fee per person.

Cancellation within 48-24 hours--Refund minus $50 per person

Cancellation with less than 24 hours--No refund.  And we help you make alternate arrangements in an emergency.

Join us for a 6-day Sedona yoga & vortex hiking retreat

For information about our deeply spiritual Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking retreats, click here Sedona Yoga Hikes and Vortex Ceremonies and Yoga Retreats by Johanna Maheshvari Mosca.

Three Powerful Career Women Share Warrior Pose


Sedona Spirit Vortex Hikes

Use Any Credit Card

3 hour Hikes to one or two vortexes

3 hour vortex hikes

2 or more, $90 each

6-hour Mini-Retreat, includes lunch and YogaLife CD *

6-hr Mini Retreat & Picnic

2 or more,$180 each

To charge your hike, just call to make the appointment, and Johanna will send you a PayPal invoice

GROUP DISCOUNTS--Avaliable for groups of five or more guests

GOOD NEWS : Discounted Hike Fees for Families

FAMILY SPECIAL 3-Hour Sedona Vortex Yoga Hike --

Fun Vortex Hike for Parents traveling with children & teens

          *Younger children up to age 6 go free

          *Children and teens age 7-15 pay only $40


  • Enjoy being with an expert vortex guide who is also a parent
  • Take a leisurely yoga hike to a scenic Sedona vortex site
  • Engage in stories and games guided by your yoga hike leader
  • Learn about the legends, plants and animals of Sedona
  • Choose to do playful yoga stretches during your hike
  • No charge for infants and kids up to age 6. Children and teens age 7-15 join a vortex hike wiith parents for the reduced kids' price of $40 for a 3-hour tour and $50 for a 4-hour tour
  • Let us know the age of participants, and our leaders will prepare fun vortex yoga activities.  Ask for the family special vortex yoga hike.

About Children:  The only children on our hikes are little angels with their families, and those "family discount hikes" are led separately.  There are no children on the hike appointments we make with you.

• • • • •

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?  --No.

Must I wear hiking boots? --Good sneakers or teva-type supportive hiking sandals are fine (No flip flops!).

What do I wear? --Loose-fitting comfortable clothes you can stretch in and sit on the ground in.

What do I bring? --A water bottle, a snack, a light windbreaker or jacket, a sun hat, sun glasses and sunscreen.

How much yoga do we do? --That depends on the request of the guests scheduling the hike. There could be no yoga stretches, or a half hour to 1.5 hours depending on guest requests, your leader and the length of the hike.

What if I am a beginner and my companion has never done yoga?

--We tailor the hike to each person's interests and are able to do gentle yoga when some clients have little or no experience and would like a taste of yoga; sometimes husbands take photos while wives do yoga.

How difficult is the hike? --All of our hikes are easy to moderate, and we let our clients set the pace. We do schedule rigorous or challenging hikes when they are requested as such.

What is a vortex anyway? --See short video atop this page. Visit 
What is a Sacred or Spiritual Sites tour? To learn more about our Sedona Sacred Sites Tour, please click here Sacred Site tours

How do we schedule the date for a vortex experience?  Call Johanna at 928-282-9900 or email to schedule the date. Then we will send you a confirmation form.

Father & Daughter from Japan join in Vortex Yoga

How to Register:

  • Call Johanna at 928-282-9900 or email to make your vortex hike appointment
  • Fill in the confirmation sheet you will receive via email
  • Pay for your hike online using the PayPal buttons and your charge card. Or you can send a check a week in advance, or give money to the hike leader on the day of the hike. Please see cancellation policy below.
  • Meet your hike leader at the designated meeting place
  • We provide yoga mats for your visit
  • Transportation is not included in the hike fee; you may ride with your hike leader if you choose

Relax deeply with one of our healing services:

Want to enjoy a Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreat?

Custom Group Vortex Tours
We can arrange a vortex experience for groups
by Advance Appointment

We can arrange a custom tour for your large group at one of the vortexes with advance notice. For large groups, we provide up to three experienced yoga instructor hike leaders and often divide the group to do yoga and EZ meditation in three areas at the same vortex, so that we can cater to those who are new to yoga, those who have some experience, and those who are yoga experts. Call Johanna at 928-282-9900 to discuss the possibilities.

Email from Sedona Vortex Hike Participants

About Johanna's Hike--

Dear Johanna,

With immeasurable gratitude, I thank you for taking me and Sue on a beautiful hike to such spiritual and healing locations.  I am grateful that our paths have crossed.  Through your teaching, I learned how important it is to see beyond challenges to solutions, and to grow beyond limitations into new revelations.  I felt embraced with such comfort as you guided us on our own personal spiritual journey. 

I came across this quote which reminded me of you:  "Some people are truly angels on earth.  They fill our hearts with gratitude for who they are and the wonderful ways they express love and caring to us and to the world."  - Doreen Virtue

I will always cherish this experience in my heart, and i look forward to seeing you in the future.

With Love & Gratitude,
Tracy Gordon

• • • • •

Johanna is overflowing with incredible positive energy. Not only was she my yoga instructor, she also became my tour guide, holistic healer, spiritual guide and friend. Our Sedona vortex yoga hike experience was so healing that when my dear friend Sandy returned home, her cancer was in remission for months. A year later, as she passed on, Sandy requested that we scatter her ashes on the site where we had done yoga with Johanna in Sedona. Johanna led our family and friends in a Sedona farewell celebration of life for Sandy that we will always cherish.

 —Susan Wade,
Executive Secretary,
Ft. Worth, Texas

• • • • •

Johanna, ... you will be glad to know I am still practicing yoga and I still believe that the day you took me on the mountain in Sedona was a life changing event for me.... Keep it up.

—Antonia Derling Rogers,
Medical Lab Technologist,
Madison, Ohio

Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking tours and retreats have received international acclaim for over 20 years.  Just this summer 2013, photos of our hikes were shown on "Good Morning, America" with Al Roker and recommended in Women's Health Magazine. Our hikes and retreats have been featured three times in the Yoga Journal, the latest in 2011, twice in Shape Magazine, also recommended in Hooked on the Outdoors, Your Health, Living Fit, New Age, the Valley Guide and the travel section of the NY Daily News.  

Johanna’s tours have been enjoyed and praised by authors of a variety of international magazines including Elle, Spur, Frau , Frontline, plus an article with a centerfold of Johanna meditating on Bell Rock in NEO Magazine. We hosted authors who attended our retreats and wrote first-hand articles for Arizona Highways, Essence, Alternative Medicine and Awareness Magazines.

Our retreats were listed #1 in Sunset Magazine’s  article “Ten Inspirational Retreats”  and filmed for MTV, Channel 3: Good Morning, Arizona, and other TV shows. Click here to read more about our international publicity To see photos of 17 years of retreats, to learn more about retreat leader, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD, and view her recent Cultivate Contentment book interview on Fox TV, visit


In 1994, twenty years ago, I — Johanna Mosca — started leading hikes in Sedona vortexes and began offering yoga on hikes in Sedona.  I coined the phrase “vortex yoga hike” as our way of introducing guests to Sedona vortexes and the peace of yoga. That was right after I spent fourteen consecutive months camping, enjoying yoga and hiking amid the red rocks. Now, an expert team of Sedona yoga instructors and I lead your Sedona hikes to the most awesome Sedona hiking trails from a deep, heart connection with the Sedona vortexes, bringing first-hand knowledge from almost two decades of yoga and hiking in Sedona.

What makes our Sedona hikes special is that we help you make a deep connection with the sacred energy of the land. On our three or four-hour hikes to Sedona vortexes, we walk somewhere between a half mile and two miles, round trip, depending upon your preference. We can refer you to associates if you would like a longer, rigorous hike. On our leisurely vortex yoga hikes, we guide you to “Relax, Release, Receive and Renew!”  Our Sedona yoga guides lead you to awesome vortex sites and guide you in a meditation to clear your mind, body and spirit, and then set intentions and launch them with powerful energy. We guide you amid the best hiking trails and can make your experience a very gentle, short nature walk, a moderate hike, or a lively jaunt amid Sedona hike trails.  In just one hike, we help you access the inner peace and higher consciousness that Sedona vortexes are known for worldwide.

Our Sedona Yoga team also offers tours of spiritual Sedona, in which we take you to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Tibetan Stupa and a Labyrinth.  In addition to tours of Sedona, we also can guide you in tours from Sedona to Montezuma’s Well and Castle and even the Grand Canyon. If you would like to sign up for a number of Sedona vortex tours, we can offer you a discounted Sedona Tours Package. Many of our clients come back often to repeat the experience they have had with us, send us testimonials highly praising our Sedona hikes, and recommend our yoga and vortex tours to friends. Let us be your guide to the magical, mystical energy that Sedona, Arizona, is famous for.  Call today to schedule a memorable, life-altering experience.

AYA Featured Teacher--August through December 2011: This year Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, Ph.D., has been honored by being chosen the Featured Teacher by the Arizona Yoga Association for its fall online newsletter. To learn more about the AYA and see Johanna's photo, bio and offerings, please visit the AYA website at


Recommended Healing Services

October 7-12,2015
Sedona-Grand Canyon
Ultimate 6-Day Retreat

6 Hr. Mini-Retreats & Picnic
Led by Johanna or Kate

Custom 4-Day Anytime

Retreats for 4-6 guests

Solo Retreat with Coaching

Also Encinitas, CA,
Beach, Yoga & Meditation
4-Day & Custom Retreats

rob adams, mayer of sedona

Former Mayor Rob Adams and wife Christine
enjoy a Sedona Spirit vortex yoga hike
at Bell Rock, led by Johanna

“Christine and I had a wonderful time on the yoga hike! What a beautiful day! It was so special to take a little break from our hectic schedules. The knowledge and time that Johanna shared was greatly appreciated. She inspired me to consider yoga as part of my weekly routine. Not bad for a guy brought up on a ranch!”  Kudos to Mayor Rob and Christine Adams!

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to guiding you in the most outstanding and memorable Sedona vortex experience!

*Our hikes and retreats were recommend in 3 issues of the Yoga Journal and 2 issues of
Shape Magazine in the past decade
* 20+ years of  international acclaim
Read About Us

*Our expert leaders guide you to clear your mind, emotions and body tightness and help you use vortex energy to access inner peace

*We customize each hike to the pace and preference of our guests
*Leaders have first aid training and are certified yoga instructors

*We have extensive liability and yoga insurance for three leaders
*Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking is an active member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
*We share the SMSA integrity pledge and Forest Service Permit to lead tours
*Read what our hike clients say about their experience Guest Comments

*We are Sedona's premier vortex yoga hike experts here to serve you!


Featured on TV July 11, 2013
on the Al Roker Show
Good Morning America!

Check out this link--


Also in July 2013, our Sedona Spirit Yoga vortex hikes were recommended in a feature story in Women's Health Magazine. 

• • • • •

Featured in Yoga Journal
3 Times in Past 10 Years

June 2011
yoga journal june 2011

Call of the Wild
" ... If you've ever been on a yoga retreat, you know that the experience of practicing yoga in a beautiful place, with the support of like-minded people and plenty of time for rest and relaxation, can refresh your outlook and create the conditions for breakthroughs in your practice and in your whole life." The article recommended our 2011 Sedona Vortex Yoga & Hiking Retreats!

• • • • •

Preparing for your
Sedona vortex yoga hike

We recommend you wear hiking boots, bring sunglasses and a hat, sunscreen, a water bottle, a sweater and a snack for your comfort.  Please let us know your hiking ability and your yoga experience so we can match you with a vortex  yoga hike at your level of experience.
All Sedona vortex yoga hikes are open to other participants
No prior yoga or hiking experience is needed
Let us know what you would like to experience on your Sedona Spirit Yoga vortex hike

• • • • •

march yoga mag

SHAPE Magazine
March 2004

6 Great Yoga Hikes
After attending a Sedona Spirit vortex yoga hike led by Johanna, author Gina DeMillo, cited Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking as one of six outstanding hiking adventures in the United States. She wrote—“Sedona Spirit will guide you through several vortex sites on yoga-hike trips ranging from a four-hour jaunt to a five-day retreat.  You’ll brush through fragrant fields of sage and juniper, past flowering prickly pear cacti, and dip into canyons below red rock spires to explore ancient Native American cliff dwellings.   Along the trail, you’ll stop to learn gentle Hatha yoga poses, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation and chakra balancing.”

• • • • •

August 2004
Enlightened Adventure

Introducing this article, magazine writer Gina DeMillo wrote—“You work hard. You play hard. You deserve to kick back. Get ready for 10 getways that marry big adventure with big relaxation without breaking the bank.”

hooked on yoga

She went on to recommend Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking and our vortex yoga hike excursions as one of these ten adventurous gems, mentioning the power of Sedona's vortexes for red rock yoga hikes, the buttes pinnacles, mesas and canyons to explore, and recommending the affordable vortex yoga hikes offered by Sedona Spirit Yoga and Hiking.

• • • • •

Sedona Vortex hike in ancient ruins
Johanna's sister Carol hugs
the Sedona trail as brother-in-law
John looks "vortexed"

• • • • •

YogaLife Pocketful of Principles
*Free mini book about the yoga principles for every vortex hiker
Pocketful of Principles

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Enjoy stress-reducing yoga and hiking at a self-renewal weekend retreat amid Sedona's vortex energy: 
Yoga, Hiking & Transformation Retreats in Sedona, Arizona

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Call us to Design Your Own
Custom Yoga & Hiking Retreat

888.282.9901 or 928.282.9900

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To see all magazine, book and TV publicity featuring our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking vortex retreats,
click hereU


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