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Sacred Amitabha Stupa brick blesses us

iRest Meditation:
The Practice of Being at Home with Yourself

iRest Meditation (Integrative Restoration) is a modern-day evidence-based, mind-body approach to health, healing, wholeness, and well-being. It is based on ancient transformative meditative practices, derived from the teachings of Kashmir Nondualism and Yoga Nidra (yoga = experiencing our interconnected wholeness with our self and the entire cosmos; nidra = no matter our changing states of consciousness).  iRest has been developed by Dr. Richard Miller over the past 46 years through observation, hands-on application, and research.  Johanna Mosca is an experienced, Certified iRest Teacher, who enjoys guiding both group and private sessions indoors or outdoors amid the red rocks of Sedona.   Visit www.irest.us

The iRest protocol teaches self-regulation skills for managing sensations, emotions, and cognitions, and physical and mental well-being. iRest is designed as a secular practice, that has been developed to be accessible to all populations, from children to adults, across issues ranging from the enhancement  of well-being, to healing PTSD, chronic pain insomnia and chemical dependency. It is easy to learn, apply, and integrate into daily life and routines.

Johanna Mosca:  Johanna Mosca is a Certified iRest Teacher, who is skilled in working one-on-one in individual Dyads as well as delivering Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions to groups. Contact her for a private solo or group session or sign up for a custom retreat–928-282-9900.

2-4 Day Sedona Vortex Special Package
Choose your dates, lodging and activities.
Johanna will welcome you with a custom series
of activities designed to enhance your well-being



Guest Enjoys Buddha’s Blessings
at Sedona’s Amitabha Stupa

Yoga hike to Cathedral Rock Vortex Overlook at Red Rock State Park’s Eagle’s Nest,  Visit 3 Sacred Sites, Enjoy a 1-hour massage or a private indoor design-your-own-Yoga-routine class with Johanna tailoring a series of poses to suit your body.

Create Your Own Custom Retreat
–Activities: Plan a few days of activities and make it your own custom retreat.  Enjoy a Town Tour, a 4-Hour Vortex Yoga Hike, guided visits to 3 Sacred Sites, and choose a 1-hour massage or a private Yoga Nidra one-on-one healing session indoors with Johanna
–Lodging Not Included: Provide your own lodging and let Johanna show you the best of Sedona and the peace of Yoga
–Recommended Series of Activities with Yoga , vortex energy clearing, meditation, Tibetan Bowl sound healing, Annointing with essential oils, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation and life coaching if requested:

  • An informative town tour of Sedona’s attractions and restaurants
  • 3-hr Sacred Sites Tour of Tibetan Stupa, Chapel of Holy Cross,and Lodge Labyrinth
  • 4-Hour Yoga Adventure to Red Rock State Park Overlooking Cathedral Rock Vortex
  • 1-hour Massage just the way you like it at our favorite studio OR a private Yoga Nidra one-on-one healing session indoors with Johanna
  • Optional life coaching if requested
  • Fee for 4 activities is $595 for a solo guest or $395 per person for 2+ guests, plus gratuitities
  • You choose the dates and design the schedule with Johanna
  • Enjoy having your leader guide you through your personal Sedona journey

If you think this retreat might be right for you, call us at 928-282-9900

We would love to have you join us!

Enjoying Sedona Yoga Meditation

Call 928-282-9900 as we would love to chat with you about our hike features.
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No prior yoga/hiking experience needed.

If you think one of our tours might be right for you, call  928-282-9900.