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Yoga Journal Ambassadors Visit Our June 11-15 Retreat
Sedona Spirit Yoga Shares a Bell Rock Vortex Yoga Retreat Hike

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the Yoga Journal, asking me if two of their tour ambassadors could join one of my retreat activities. With the permission of my three gracious retreat guests, we made arrangements to have the Yoga Journal reps join us on Tuesday, June 14th, for a four-hour vortex Yoga hike to Bell Rock, meeting at 7:30 am in front of the Arabella Hotel lobby. To read more about the Yoga Journal’s BeLiveYoga Tour Ambassadors’ joining our Sedona Spirit Vortex Yoga Hike to Bell Rock, click here : http://www.yogalife.net/yoga-journal-ambassadors-visit-our-june-11-15-retreat/

Sedona: A Wedding Venue Ripe for New Beginnings
Melissa McClinton, travel writer for “The Daily Meal,” joined Johanna for a Vortex Yoga Hike in August 2015.  Her focus was on activities for wedding parties, and this is what she wrote:

“Sedona is a setting that beckons you to explore the outdoors and climb to the stars. The heart opening Vortex yoga hike, with guide Johanna Mosca gives you a tour of the folklore of Sedona while centering you with yoga, meditation, and ancient spiritualism…. The women of your bridal group will be both united as a team and one with the earth.” http://www.thedailymeal.com/entertain/sedona-wedding-venue-ripe-new-beginnings

“Newest Guide to Sedona: Walk, Eat and Plan in the Sacred Land”
Published in Japan in April 2015

Johanna and the tour book editor were filmed doing yoga and meditation at the historic sink hole and beside the Seven Sacred Pools. See full-page of photos on page 105 of the guide book.

Television Appearances

On May 3, 2006, Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking appeared on Channel 3: Good Morning, Arizona!  Johanna and colleagues were interviewed and filmed doing yoga on live TV, at Red Rock State Park, in Sedona, with weatherman Brad Perry.  In 1999, one of our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreats was filmed with guests doing yoga for the Living in Balance Shakti-Hill Show on cable.  Between 2000 and 2008, Johanna and colleagues were also filmed out on the red rocks doing yoga poses for national television by MTV and the Live with Andrea Beaman Show and by Sky Perfect TV for an international television travel documentary airing in Japan repeatedly through 2013. Most recently, Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking was featured on national TV on Wake Up America, with Al Roker, on July 11, 2013

Sedona Spirit Yoga Retreats in the News - International publicity
Sedona Spirit Yoga Retreats in the News - Featured on national TV

Featured on National TV–July 11, 2013
“Wake Up America” with Al Roker

Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking was featured on a segment on the Weather Channel’s morning show “Wake up with AL Roker” for the Women’s Health July/August issue feature on amazing fitness vacation retreats.

AYA Featured Teacher– 2011-2012

This year Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, Ph.D., has been honored by being chosen the Featured Teacher by the Arizona Yoga Association, announced in its fall online newsletter.

Sedona Spirit Yoga Retreats in the News - Featured in Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine
July-August 2013

Featured on p. 20–Sedona Arizona– “Sedona is filled with famous energy vortexes–spots where invisible funneling energy is said to help channel introspection and spirituality. They’re also gorgeous locations for yoga and meditation. Check out Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking for a three-or-four-hour vortex hike to get the full mind-body connection whirling.

Red Rock News, Sedona Arizona
August 29, 2012

“You do not have to get into shape before trying yoga. You can do it just the way your body is now.” Read the article and the full interview with Johanna …

Our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreats have been featured in the Yoga Journal 3 times in the past decade.

Scroll down for these Yoga Journal articles and many more international articles recommending Johanna's Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreats and Tours

As Featured in Yoga Journal
June 2011

Call of the Wild
” … If you’ve ever been on a yoga retreat, you know that the experience of practicing yoga in a beautiful place, with the support of like-minded people and plenty of time for rest and relaxation, can refresh your outlook and create the conditions for breakthroughs in your practice and in your whole life.”

The article recommended our 2011 Sedona Vortex Yoga & Hiking Retreats!

May/June 2009

Read the full-page feature story that author Ann Nelson wrote in Awareness Magazine, May/June 2009, after attending Johanna’s three-day private retreat.

Awareness Magazine is Southern California’s Guide to Conscious Living is devoted to improving your life and the life of the planet. Our vision is simple – to make our planet a better place in which to live.

Tidewater Women Magazine
February 2009

cover_tidewaterwomenPeggy Sijswerda, travel writer for Tidewater Women Magazine, attended a vortex yoga hike with Johanna and wrote about the experience in the February 2009 issue of Tidewater Women. Here’s what Peggy wrote:

“ … I drove to Sedona and met Johanna, who owns a business called Sedona Spirit Yoga and Hiking. Together we would visit some of the vortex sites, do some hiking, and learn a little yoga. What I liked about Johanna was her non-nonsense approach to the vortexes.

‘The vortex is the circle of your energy connecting with the mystical red rock energy,’ she explained. In other words, the energy was all around Sedona, not just a few places. ‘The hard part for some people is accessing it,’ she said. ‘You have to practice the 4 Rs: relax, release, receive, and renew.’

Johanna Mosca, owner of Sedona Spirit Yoga and Hiking, moved to Sedona and fell in love with its spiritual possibilities. Here she meditates at the Airport Mesa.

Johanna led me to the Airport Mesa vortex, where we sat down on yoga mats and faced an incredible view. In the distance we could see Bell Rock Vortex and Cathedral Rock Vortex. ‘The three combined to form what I call a tri-vortex experience,’ she said. The sun shone, a breeze blew, and I felt like I was on top of the world.

We began by meditating. Johanna instructed me to breathe in and then let go of my busy monkey mind, the thoughts that swarm around your brain nonstop. I tried to quell my thoughts and admitted it was hard. ‘Meditating isn’t about achieving a totally clear mind,’ she said. ‘You just want to make it a little clearer than it was.’

Next she told me to breathe in and then let go of my emotions. Suddenly tears began to stream from my eyes. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let go of my emotions. This is the lesson I came to Sedona to learn, I realized. I told Johanna that feelings of grief and sadness have haunted me ever since my daughter, Sierra, died nearly twenty years ago. I wasnt sure I could ever let them go, I admitted.

Johanna listened, and together we prayed and meditated. Although I didn’t hear any loud voices revealing shiny truths, somehow at the end of the experience I felt that I’d reached new understanding. The challenge for me will be to go to the next level …


View the entire article

Today’s Chiropractic LifeStyle
October/November 2008

cover_Chiro_LifestylebSedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking was featured in writer Molly Dickinson’s “Get Away and Get Active” article. Dickinson writes, “These retreats are perfect for both the beginning yogi or the practiced expert, as all poses are carefully overseen and customized to your skill level. Canyon hikes, though they will certainly make your heart beat faster due to the cardio as well as the breathtaking scenery, are not overly strenuous.”

Arizona Key Magazine
July 2008

cover_AZKEYbJohanna’s article, “Your Sedona Vortex: A Circle of Energy” was the lead story in the Attractions: Sedona section of Arizona Key Magazine in July 2008. Johanna recapped the history of Sedona’s vortexes and wrote, “… I focus on teaching what I know from experience, that a vortex is an energy connection. The vortex lives in the spiral of you opening up to receive the amplified healing energy of Sedona within your being. Practice the Four R’s … Relax, Release, Receive and Renew.

May 2008

In the May 2008 issue of Arizona Highways, biker author Jackie Dishner, recommended Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking in an article on her various Sedona vortex experiences entitled A Force to be Reckoned With. Dishner spoke of enjoying centering breathing exercises on a hike to the top of Cathedral rock, led by Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD. She noted that Johanna gave her “the best take-home lesson: Whats here are the steps as we take them, the blue sky, your smile, your breathing.  Its about being present in the moment. In a community intent on spiritual growth, you cant help but become a part of it.” At the end of her article, Dishner listed our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking contact information as a recommended source under When You Go to Sedona.

May 2008
Cover Story, Inspired Vacations

Sedona Spriit Yoga & Hiking was Sunset Magazine’s #1 choice for smart vacations in May 2008!

Nora Burba Trulsson wrote: “In Sedona, the path to enlightenment involves hiking boots and yoga mats. Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking offers four-day retreats where you’ll take guided hikes through red rock wilderness to vortex sites, places where the Earth’s energy is supposedly strongest. You’ll also learn meditation … and maybe even nail that eagle pose. Abbreviated three- to six-hour yoga hikes are also offered.”

Curves author Barbara Face enjoyed attending one of our vortex yoga hikes with our tour leader Roxanne. In the Jan.-Feb. 2008 Curve Magazine, she wrote about the experience, calling the guided journey to a cliff-top vista enchanting.  In her article about the many gifts of Sedona, she spoke of the exhilaration she felt during her vortex yoga hike with Roxanne, saying, “I dont know if it was the vortex energy, but I felt high.”




Arizona’s whirlwind of activities

Sedona’s high-energy vortexes draw tourists (and UFOs) into Red Rock Country

Sunday, July 29th 2007, 4:00 AM

kate_yoga_450A hiker practices her yoga poses in
the serenity of Sedona’s mountains.

With its radiant red rocks and energy vortexes, Sedona, Ariz., is a mecca for nature enthusiasts and those looking to relax.

It’s where hippies and yoga buffs feel just as welcome as hikers and mountain bikers.

And the perfect season to visit is nearly here. September and October not only bring major music, art and food festivals, but it’s when torrid temperatures in the desert city begin to drop.

Sedona is a two-hour drive from Scottsdale – a Western town that lassos tourists in with its posh spas and golf courses. And the recently revamped downtown scene gives good reason to couple Scottsdale with a Sedona getaway.

Both cities are spa-speckled, but Sedona thrives on its spiritual element. For a chance to learn all about the area’s energy, view the scenery and get in some exercise at the same time, try one of the Sedona Spirit Vortex Hikes (888-282-9901; yogalife.net ).

Led by Bronx-born Johanna Mosca, or one of her guides, the tours set out around massive sandstone formations – some of which are vortexes, or centers of spiraling energy. It’s believed the spots are ideal for meditation, healing and prayer.

There are four major vortexes in Sedona, Mosca explains at the start of one recent three-hour yoga hike. Some have masculine energy, known as electric. “They arouse you, stir you up and motivate you,” she says.

Others have feminine, or magnetic energy. “It’s energy that draws you inward, quiets you,” explains Mosca. “It has you recall a past life, and makes you feel a deeper calm and peace.”

The vortexes of Airport Mesa and Bell Rock have masculine energy. Cathedral, named for its spires, is feminine. Boynton Canyon is said to be electromagnetic, a perfect balance between the male and female energies.

“Locals say they need to get out of Sedona every once in a while because it’s too powerful,” Mosca says. “There’s a lot of Native American energy here. They came here for pilgrimages, but they thought it was too sacred to live long-term.”

She leads the group to the base of Bell Rock. “It’s supposed to be a portal to another dimension, meaning a place where you could access higher dimensions of your being,” says Mosca.

“It’s said that Bell Rock has the most UFO sightings because the energy shoots up from the top of it.”

After a hike, we settle on the flat surface of the rock’s first tier, where Mosca begins to show us stretches and poses. In view are Cathedral and Airport.

After a 45-minute routine, we lay with our backs flat on the warm, red rocks and Mosca talks us into relaxation. There are no UFO sightings, but everyone gets up calmed and refreshed before another hike to the top of a mountain.

Tours are personalized and can incorporate as much yoga or hiking as you want. You can even opt to cut the yoga out completely.

The three-hour excursions are $85 per person for two or more, or $135 if you want to be led solo. The cost for children 15 and under is $35, with full-priced admission for their parents.

Try to plan your trip around the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks festival (Sept. 26-30), featuring established and emerging performers against a breathtaking backdrop. Or be there for the Sedona Arts Festival (Oct. 6-7), showcasing the work of 110 of the country’s top artists and craftspeople.

If you’re headed to Sedona, make time to spend a few days in Scottsdale even if you’ve been there before. More than $2 billion has recently been pumped into the downtown area for new nightclubs, restaurants, stores and hotel renovations.

The Scottsdale Waterfront, built along an ancient Indian canal, has just been completed. Highlights include the Olive & Ivy Restaurant and Marketplace, and Estilo Boutique, which carries trendy dresses, skirts and tops.

Southbridge, to open in phases beginning this fall, will boast boutiques and eateries that aren’t part of any national chains. Fashion shows and live modeling will take place at The Mix, a three-building fusion of fashion and food.

With temptations like that, you’ll need that calming yoga hike after all you’re likely to spend.

VALLEY GUIDE: Summer 2005
Soothe Your Soul
Northern Arizona Single-Day Getaways to Rejuvenate the Spirit

Author Amy Abrams was happy to spend a day with us doing research for her article. She wrote about how she benefited from a psychic reading and three-hour vortex yoga hike with our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking team. About her yoga hike, she commented that she was “impressed with the heightened vitality from postures at this exquisite vortex site…and the beauty and power of this sacred spot.”

Amy’s long Sedona adventure ended with a late yoga therapy appointment with Johanna,  about which she wrote—“Johanna Mosca was eager to facilitate my spiritual growth with a one-on-one session in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy—a combination of classical yoga and mind-body psychology that promotes a powerful release of tension from emotional issues held within the body.  With Mosca assisting me through yoga postures and guided breathing with the aid of specifically chosen aromatherapy oils, I release old, deeply stored body memories.  This is a profound process providing valuable insights and dramatic release of tensions form a difficult period in my life. I am so tired following the session that it is not until the next morning that I realize how light, peaceful, and free I feel. Now weeks later, I am enjoying the positive results of clearing deeply rooted negative emotion.”

August 2004
Enlightened Adventure

Introducing this article, magazine writer Gina DeMillo wrote—“You work hard. You play hard. You deserve to kick back. Get ready for 10 getways that marry big adventure with big relaxation without breaking the bank.” She went on to recommend Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking as one of these ten adventurous gems, mentioning the power of the vortexes for red rock yoga hikes, the buttes pinnacles, mesas and canyons to explore, and recommending the affordable vortex hikes offered by Sedona Spirit Yoga and Hiking.

SHAPE Magazine
March 2004
6 Great Yoga Hikes

Author Gina De Millo, cited Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking as one of six outstanding hiking adventures in the United States. She wrote—“Sedona Spirit will guide you through several vortex sites on yoga-hike trips ranging from a four-hour jaunt to a five-day retreat.  You’ll brush through fragrant fields of sage and juniper, past flowering prickly pear cacti, and dip into canyons below red rock spires to explore ancient Native American cliff dwellings.   Along the trail, you’ll stop to learn gentle Hatha poses, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation and chakra balancing.”

November 2001
More Than Skin Deep

cover_altmed_2001Nov_photoAlternative Medicine Magazine sent author Dawn Gallager with her photographer to attend a Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking retreat yoga class and go on a private vortex yoga hike to Bell Rock with Johanna. In her article about the experience, Dawn wrote—“With a soft, clear voice, Johanna gently led us into triangle stands, the plough, cobra and more, making sure we did the poses correctly.  Then we went to Bell rock for hiking and yoga stretching amid views that were absolutely breathtaking…. Johanna believes that yoga is so much more than postures; it is a way of life that can lead to vibrant health, well-being and peace.”

April 2001
The Price is Right: Money-Saving Tips for the Savvy Yoga Traveler

Once again Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking was featured in this article about “Yoga for Every Budget.” We were one of nine recommended retreat centers listed as having low to middle to high pricing. Author Elizabeth Cutting cited Sedona Spirit Yoga as having “middle” pricing and wrote that we offer custom retreats for various “middle of the road” prices based on participants’ choice of accommodations and the length of stay. She then referred readers to our website www.sedonaspirityoga.com

January 2001
Sojourns for the Soul

cover_essence_2001Jan_akissEssence Magazine sent Author Akissi Britton to attend a 3-Day Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreat following a stressful time in her life. For their Lifestyle and Travel Section, she was to participate in and write about the retreat experience firsthand. In her article Akissi wrote—“After settling in, Johanna led my two fellow participants and me in a guided meditation. As I inhaled and exhaled deeply, visualizing my breath entering and leaving my body, I imagined the defensive barriers I’d erected for survival slowly crumbling.  In the stillness that our meditation encouraged, I began once again to hear my inner voice whisper that everything would be okay.”  Akissi went on to describe the positive impact of the vortex yoga hikes and a healing didgeridoo concert. She ended her article saying—“It wasn’t until later that I realized how carefully planned the retreat had been. Each activity took me further and further, as if to say, “Now you’re ready for a little more.”  And I am ready—ready for a new year of love and healing.”

January 2001
Yoga-Plus Vacations

Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking was listed as one of four yoga-plus adventures recommended in this New Age Magazine article featuring yoga plus hiking, skiing, golf or white-water rafting. Referring to Johanna’s retreats as “Great Combo Trips”, magazine writer Elise Miller wrote—“The author of YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom organizes transformational retreats in Sedona that include hiking, yoga, and meditation.”

December 2000
Soul Revival: 10 Holiday Retreats that Renew Body and Spirit

Our New Year’s Retreat for 2000 was featured in the Yoga Journal, as one of ten outstanding retreats for physical, mental and spiritual self-renewal. Recommending Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking retreats, author Elizabeth cutting wrote—“Relax, Release and Receive in a Raja (Classical Hatha) Yoga retreat for all levels.  Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, Ph.D., author of YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom, shows how to live your yogic practice in every aspect of life.”

SHAPE Magazine
July 1998
Head Trips

Writing about a dozen “Holidays for Body and Soul,” author Katy Koontz included Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking as one of the spiritual vacations that “have a more lasting impact than your typical see-all-the-sights or lie-on-the-beach getaway that leaves you will little more than some souvenirs and a tan.” Recommending our retreats, she wrote—“Adventure with Sedona Spirit Yoga includes American Indian spirituality rituals (medicine wheels, etc.), plus daily hike to power vortexes in Arizona’s red rock country.”

May 1998
Spiritual Vacations

cover_yourhealth_1998may_phAuthor Jeffrey Laign focuses on seven centers offering “Mystical Journeys,” noting that “More people are using leisure time to nourish their souls.” He reports that in Sedona had a sixteen-percent increase in visitors the previous year and is attracting more people wanting to “soak up energy from natural vortexes, which they believe radiate a type of electromagnetic force.”  He displayed a photo of Johanna doing yoga with Cathedral Rock in the background and listed Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking as one of the “organizations that can help you to plan your trip and get to know yourself better.”

January 1998
Journey to the Center of Your Soul

Magazine author Annette Foglino cited Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking as one of eight “spiritual vacations offering an opportunity to learn skills that you can apply to everyday life.” Listing us under New Age Educational Trips as a recommended retreat center, she wrote—With Sedona Spirit, “Meditate on the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, balance your chakras, and participate in a medicine wheel ceremony in one-week trips led by yoga instructor Johanna Maheshvari Mosca.”

International Magazines

ELLE Magazine Italy
May 2008

In an article in ELLE Magazine article called Yoga Outdoors, internationally known photographer Alessandra Mattanza presented a photo of Johanna taken on one of their yoga hikes together.  In the article, written in the Italian language, Alessandra writes about Sedonas beauty, mentioning that Madonna, Tom Cruise and Al Pacino have vacation homes here.  She goes on to say Sedona is an ideal place to do yoga amid splendid red rock views. Alessandra then recommends, the trekking adventures and retreats of Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking, directed by doctor of philosophy, Johanna Mosca, who is also founder of the YogaLife Academy.  She noted that Johanna leads hikes to the most famous red rock areas where the energy has the highest palpitation, and leads them in various yoga postures as well as retreats with lodging.  Alessandra recommends the vortex yoga hike adventure from her first had experience enjoying several hikes led by Johanna.

FRAU Magazine
June 2006

cover_frau_2006Jun_phFRAU Magazine featured a two-page centerfold of Sedona Spirit Yoga staff doing meditation at the Cathedral Rock Vortex in an article recommending our vortex hikes and retreats. The author spoke of the power of the vortexes, and the photography displayed the beauty of the red rock spires in Sedona.

NEO Magazine
January 2006

cover_neo2006Jan_phNEO Magazine featured a two-page centerfold of Johanna meditating at the Bell Rock Vortex.  The article, written by the author who attended the hike, recommended our Sedona Spirit Yoga Retreats and daily vortex hikes as uplifting experiences.

US Frontline Magazine
April 2005

cover_frontline_2005apr_phUS Frontline Magazine featured photos of their writer and photographer on a yoga hike with Johanna at Boynton Canyon Vortex Overlook.  The article praised Johanna as a yoga instructor and vortex guide, saying that her yoga was very easy to follow and most enjoyable.

SPUR Magazine
February 2003

cover_spur_2003feb_phSPUR Magazine wrote about a vortex yoga hike with Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking led by Johanna.  They displayed photos of Johanna leading yoga and meditation at Bell Rock vortex.  The author wrote about how relaxing and pleasurable the experience was and the beauty and magnificence of the vortex site.


Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreats were featured in two travel books:  Transformative Getaways (Holt Publishers, 1996) and Yoga Vacations (John Muir Publications, 1999). Our retreats were listed as recommended vacations, noted as being uplifting, spiritual, transformational experiences. We were also featured in many Japanese tour books, most recently in the Newest Guide to Sedona: Walk, Eat and Plan in the Sacred Land, published in Japan in April 2015.