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Summer Equinox Yoga, Meditation and Celebration

June 21st Yoga, Meditation and Blessings to Celebrate Summer Equinox
at Rachel’s Knoll Meditation Site–

Join us from 4 to 7 pm for a 3-hour sunset celebration of the summer equinox led by veteran Yoga and meditation instructor Johanna Maheshvari Mosca. Enjoy a guided meditation to clear body-mind-spirit.  Release the past, set intentions for the future, and embrace the present moment. Guided chakra clearing, Yoga poses, relaxing Yoga Nidra, and a Tibetan bowl sound healing. To join our 3-hr celebration ($99 ea.), call Johanna 928-282-9900


Yoga & Meditation at Sacred Sites


Retreat Guests Enjoy Yoga and Meditation at the Amitabha Stupa

Sacred Site Yoga, Meditation, and Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Led by Johanna at the Amitabha Stupa

Call 928-282-9900

Spiritual Sedona Experiences for Everyone
Be guided on a spiritual quest to Sedona’s sacred sites–
Enjoy chakra clearing, Yoga poses and guided meditation
amid majestic red rock vortex views

Scroll down for single tour descriptions and our 2-4 Day Activities Package or Custom Retreat

Johanna leads gentle hikes amid spectacular views for solo guests and groups 

Johanna’s Side Stretch at Rachel’s Knoll

We look forward to welcoming you to the mystical energy of Sedona’s red rocks and the many blessings of Yoga whether you are a solo traveler or part of a group. You can enjoy a full flow of Yoga poses out at sacred sites or simply do breathing exercises, guided meditation, centering and life coaching. Johanna has expert training in leading Yoga Deep Relaxation called Yoga Nidra, which you simply do lying down on the magnificent red rocks.  At the close of your red rock experience, Johanna can give you a sound healing with a brass Tibetan bowl while you relax on the red rocks.

One-Legged Down Dog on the Rocks


We are tailoring our services to guests who are interested in “spiritual experiences at Sedona’s sacred sites.”  If you want a buns-of-steel hike, we are NOT a match for you as we do leisurely 1-1.5 mile nature walks to  arrive at magnificent vortex views and soak in the energy through Yoga and meditation. Our very spiritual red rock excursions are designed to help you clear your mind, release any stress, and actually open up to feeling Sedona’s vortex energy.  We customize our activities to match your group’s interests–whether it is a gal’s getaway, a couple on vacation, a family adventure, or a business R&R gathering.

Jumping High at Cathedral Rock Vista

Our per person fees have remained the same for several years: 2.5 to 3-hour hikes $99 and 4-hour hikes $135 with added discounts for larger groups. Your group may choose the shorter or longer hike options as well as the kind of activities you would like to experience. Together, we will select the best red rock site depending on the size of your group and your guests’ preference. We are happy to offer the following per person discounts for groups of various sizes. For large groups, we generally have more than one leader. Please note that there is an increased fee for a solo tour, which will be refunded if others join the excursion on the date your solo experience is scheduled. Call us at 928-282-9900 to create an uplifting, magical red rock experience or email us at hikes@yogalife.net.

Number of Guests 2½ to 3-Hour Fee 4-Hour Fee
 1 Solo Excursion  $180  $225
2-6 $99/pp $135/pp
7-15 $89/pp $125/pp

Spiritual Sacred Sites Tours Available By Advance Appointment!
Call 928-282-9900

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Enjoying Amitaba Stupa Medicine Wheel Ceremony led by Johanna

  • Listed #1 in Sunset Magazine’s “10 Inspirational Retreats”
  • Featured 3 times in the Yoga Journal & twice in Shape Magazine
  • Appeared on Al Roker’s “Good Morning AZ” –summer of 2015
  • Visited by the Yoga Journal’s Live*Be*Yoga Ambassadors June 2016

$99 per person, 2 or more guests, $180 solo

Johanna’s Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Experience the vortex energy that Sedona is famous for. Enjoy a gentle nature walk to a scenic vortex plateau. Learn about sacred plants and animals and the unique energy of various vortexes. Be guided to clear your mind, body and spirit of past challenges so you can lighten up and open to the new moment. Be guided to connect with the surrounding red rock energy and use it to heal the past, launch intentions for the future, and embrace loving yourself and your life more fully. (Optional activities: calming breathing exercises, guided centering and meditation, plant talk, gentle movement in yoga poses,  annointing with essential oils, Tibetan Bowl sound healing, or a sacred medicine wheel ceremony.)

2½-3-Hr SACRED SITES TOUR, $99 per person, 2 or more guests, $180 solo
Enjoy visits to three of Sedona’s most sacred sites: the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Labyrinth, and the Amitabha Stupa that is said to remove negative past karma and magnify your prayers 10,000 times. Enjoy a guided meditation, gentle yoga stretches, and a medicine wheel ceremony to bless your next steps on your journey. (Optional activities: calming breathing exercises, guided centering and meditation, plant talk, gentle movement in yoga poses)

Yoga Nidra at Red Rock Park Eagle’s Nest

NEW:  2½-3-Hr iRest Yoga Nidra “Release and Relax”
with Johanna guiding you inward through body, breath, emotions, and thoughts to a place of core strength and joy!
$99 per person, 2+ guests, $180 solo
Enjoy a leisurely walk on Rachel’s Knoll, a special sacred site devoted to spiritual enrichment of Sedona visitors and peace in the world. Soak in the magnificient red rock views surrounding the knoll.  Johanna will invite you to share what’s going on for you and help you hone in on what you want to release and bring forth. She will guide you in a short series of easy warm-up poses, then have you lie down in deep relaxation. Johanna will assist you to relax every part of your being: the physical, the breath, the emotional body, the intellectual body, and finally access your “ananda” or bliss consciousness.  If you like, Johanna will end your session with a brass Tibetan Bowl sound healing. Click here to learn more about Johanna’s Yoga Nidra Sessions. 

4-Hr MINI YOGA RETREAT, $135 per person, 2 or more guests, $225 solo
Enjoy a 4-hour, magical, life-altering, Yoga-hike adventure!  Relax in the shade of a huge old Cottonwood tree called the Wedding Tree. Climb up to the historic Apache Fire House, built by Helen and Jack Frye in 1947, a site used for Helen’s group Eckankar meditations. Enjoy this scenic plateau with a majestic view of Cathedral Rock, and commune with sacred plants on a gentle hike. Open your heart and clearing your mind with peaceful Yoga and meditation designed just for you. Benefit from a guided clearing using essential oils and chakra balancing. Enjoy a relaxing Tibetan Bowl sound healing, an optional Tarot reading, and insightful life coaching. Four hours enjoying nature, vortex energy and Yoga relaxation, led by your expert tour guide and experienced Yoga teacher, Johanna Maheshvari.

4-Hr. DOUBLE  BLESSING TOUR: Yoga and energy clearing at 2 sacred sites–
Rachel’s Knoll and the Amitaba Stupa
— $135 per person, 2 or more guests, $225 solo
Visit two famous Sedona area attractions. Relax with Yoga and meditation amid fantastic red rock views on Rachel’s Knoll. Enjoy a short drive to the sacred Amitaba Stupa, a treasured Buddhist shrine that is said to magnify your prayers 10,000 times and remove all past Karma. You can choose from a variety of activities at each site.  Enjoy two very special spiritual tour experiences with centering and meditation at each site.


  • Calming breathing exercises
  • Guided centering and meditation
  • Chakra Clearing and energy balancing
  • Six theories of the origin of vortex energy and its uses
  • Learning about trees, plants and flowers and their healing properties
  • Gentle movement in Yoga poses
  • Anointing with essential oils—Frankincense and Lavender
  • Life coaching if guests choose to share any challenges they may be facing
  • Brass Tibetan Bowl energy release and sound healing
  • Guided Yoga Nidra Relaxation: Johanna guides you to focus on your body, breath, sensations, emotions, thoughts, and end feeling your core strength and inner joy


  • Wedding parties — special outings honoring the bride or bride and groom
  • Romantic Couple’s Anointing with Frankincense and Lavender (thanking and blessing) each other & then sitting back-to-back chanting “Aum”
  • Threading-A-Theme for Family Gatherings, Gals’ Getaway, Office R&R, Organizational Meetings, and Reunions. Using Yoga, Meditation and Vortex Energy to Restore Optimal Well-Being

2-4 Day Sedona Vortex Special Package 




Guest shares Buddha’s Blessings at Sedona’s Amitabha Stupa

Yoga hike to Cathedral Rock Vortex Overlook at Red Rock State Park’s Eagle’s Nest,  Visit 3 Sacred Sites, Enjoy a 1-hour massage or a private indoor design-your-own-Yoga-routine class with Johanna tailoring a series of poses to suit your body.

Create Your Own Custom Retreat Activities
–Activities: Plan a few days of activities and make it your own custom retreat.  Enjoy a Town Tour, a 4-Hour Vortex Yoga Hike, guided visits to 3 Sacred Sites, and choose a 1-hour massage or an indoor design-your-own Yoga class with Johanna
–Lodging Not Included: Provide your own lodging and let Johanna show you the best of Sedona and the peace of Yoga
–Recommended Series of Activities with Yoga , vortex energy clearing, meditation, Tibetan Bowl sound healing, Annointing with essential oils, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation and life coaching if requested:

  • An informative town tour of Sedona’s attractions and restaurants
  • 3-hour Sacred Sites Tour of Tibetan Stupa, Chapel of Holy Cross, and the Lodge Labyrinth
  • 4-Hour Yoga Adventure to Red Rock State Park Overlooking Cathedral Rock Vortex
  • 1-hour Massage just the way you like it at our favorite studio OR an indoor design-your-own-yoga-routine class in which Johanna helps you find a series of poses perfect for your body.
  • Optional life coaching if requested
  • Fee for 4 activities is $595 for a solo guest or $395 per person for 2+ guests, plus gratuitities
  • You design the schedule with Johanna
  • Enjoy having your leader guide you through your personal Sedona journey

If you think this retreat might be right for you, call us at 928-282-9900

We would love to have you join us!

Call 928-282-9900 as we would love to chat with you about our hike features.
If you email, please leave you phone number
No prior yoga/hiking experience needed.

If you think one of our tours might be right for you, call  928-282-9900.

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Why Choose Sedona Spirit Yoga for your Sedona Tours?

Guided Yoga, Hiking & meditation at Sedona's vortexes

Hiking the desert to a Sedona Vortex Peak

Johanna is committed to personally guiding you in the most outstanding and memorable Sedona red rock vortex experience! She is a longtime Sedona area resident, knowledgeable Sedona guide, and certified Yoga and meditation instructor–exploring her own spiritual journey. Privately, Johanna conducts independent healing sessions, and offers the same nurturing support to guests that she provides in her sessions. Having earned over 1200 hours of Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certifications, Johanna has expertise in a variety of Yoga modalities, including– use of Aromatherapy,  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and I-Rest Inner Restoration Meditation. She has designed a unique Clearing Meditation to have our tour guests let go of the past, access greater inner stillness, set intentions for the future, get in touch with the vortex energy, and open up to life’s messages. For large group events, Johanna invites colleagues, who are expert Yoga-instructor-tour-guides, to assist her in providing guests with a nurturing Sedona vortex Yoga experience.

  • Our tours & retreats were recommend in 3 issues of the Yoga Journal and 2 issues of Shape Magazine in the past decade
  • Our vortex tours were featured on Al Roker’s “Good Morning AZ” –summer of 2015
  • Our June 2016 Sedona-Grand Canyon Retreat was visited by the Yoga Journal’s Live*Be*Yoga Ambassadors and featured by the Yoga Journal
  • 20+ years of international acclaim
    Read About Us
  • Our expert leaders guide you to clear your mind, emotions and body tightness and help you use vortex energy to access inner peace
  • We customize each tour, hike or Yoga/Meditation experience  to the pace and preference of our guests
  • Leaders have first aid training, experience as tour guides and yoga certification
  • We have extensive liability and yoga insurance for each of our leaders
  • Sedona YogaLife Retreats and Sedona Yoga Nidra are active members of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce
  • Read what our hike clients say about their experience Guest Comments
  • We are Sedona’s premier vortex yoga hike experts here to serve you!

Read FAQs, Important Information and Policies about our Sedona Vortex Hikes here.

Testimonials about our Sedona Hikes

Vortex yoga & meditation hike guided by Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking

Retreat Guests Climb Cathedral Vortex


“Johanna, With immeasurable gratitude, I thank you…
With immeasurable gratitude, I thank you for taking me and Sue on a beautiful hike to such spiritual and healing locations. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. Through your teaching, I learned how important it is to see beyond challenges to solutions, and to grow beyond limitations into new revelations. I felt embraced with such comfort as you guided us on our own personal spiritual journey. I came across this quote which reminded me of you: “Some people are truly angels on earth. They fill our hearts with gratitude for who they are and the wonderful ways they express love and caring to us and to the world.”
— Doreen Virtue


“I will always cherish this experience in my heart…
I will always cherish this experience in my heart, and i look forward to seeing you in the future.  With Love & Gratitude,”
— Tracy Gordon

“Johanna is overflowing with incredible positive energy.
Not only was she my yoga instructor, she also became my tour guide, holistic healer, spiritual guide and friend. Our Sedona vortex yoga hike experience was so healing that when my dear friend Sandy returned home, her cancer was in remission for months. A year later, as she passed on, Sandy requested that we scatter her ashes on the site where we had done yoga with Johanna in Sedona. Johanna led our family and friends in a Sedona farewell celebration of life for Sandy that we will always cherish.”  — Susan Wade, Executive Secretary, Ft. Worth, Texas

“…a life changing event for me.
Johanna, … you will be glad to know I am still practicing yoga and I still believe that the day you took me on the mountain in Sedona was a life changing event for me… Keep it up.”
— Antonia Derling Rogers, Medical Lab Technologist, Madison, Ohio

Call us at 928-282-9900 or email Yoga@YogaLife.Net to schedule the date and time. Then we will send you a confirmation form with your hike leader’s contact information, the meeting place and details for how to charge your hike fees using our PayPal account.