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Customized Sedona Wedding Blessings

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“We had a bachelorette day trip to Sedona and really enjoyed our time with Johanna. She brought us to a sacred site to take in an energy vortex and the beautiful views. Johanna guided us through a relaxing yoga and meditation practice and a healing circle. She was very knowledgable, kind, patient and was able to go with the flow of our large group of girls. All of the girls in our group left rejuvenated, inspired and so happy we shared such a moving day together. We would all love to go back and do it again!”
— Dr. Christen Schutt, DC

Planning a Sedona Wedding?
Relax with your Sedona Wedding Whisperer!

A Wedding Whisperer is one who can magically soothe the flux of unbridled energies that erupt at wedding time.  Your Whisperer Johanna will personally customize a relaxing day of nurturing activities on Sedona’s red rocks to balance emotions and access peace and joy.  What better way to share Sedona with a wedding party than a soothing sacred sites adventure! Or Johanna can do a relaxing session for an individual or group indoors.

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I guided Kara’s group to the Amitabha Stupa, where we first walked around the shrine, saying our prayers at this sacred site that is said to remove any past negative karma and magnify prayers, making them 10,000 times stronger.  Then we took photos of each of the ladies in front of the wooden statue of Buddha.

We then moved into a lovely ravine and enjoyed doing a series of easy, fun yoga poses that even the beginners liked doing. Our posture series ended with gals pairing up to do the partner tree pose.

After guiding the Yoga poses, I led a spiritual meditation to clear our minds, open our hearts, and ground ourselves in the earth.  In this photo to the right, it seems as if the Universe was shining Light upon us from the heavens above.

Finally, we gathered the bride’s friends around her, asking each one to gently touch her body to connect with her energy. Then each of the bride’s friends and relatives took turns expressing deep love and warm wishes for Karen’s pending marriage and a long life of happiness. Yes, hearts opened, feelings that had never been expressed were now shared, and tears flowed.

Lastly, we reaped the blessings of all four directions, the earth above and the sky below, in a very moving Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony tailored to the bride and her guests.

More tears flowed as some of the ladies opened up to share some of the life-concerns that they were needing to make-peace-with.  A great feeling of relief, freedom, love and joy was experienced by all.

Before we left the gals climbed atop a hill to take more photos such as this one on the right. And, when we got back to my van, the gals agreed to take a photo holding my “Make Peace With Life” banner. After all, each of the guests did spontaneously share an upsurge of the life issues we are all making peace with these days.  It was a very tender, loving afternoon, in which the bride and friends enjoyed sharing their deepest appreciation and warm wishes for each other.

Kyle and Jade at Wedding Tree

SOOTHING Wedding Blessings

  • Be guided to access inner peace and calm and fully enjoy the present moment
  • Experience a 2-3 hour red rock sacred sites excursion tailored to your wedding group
  • Or relax with and individual or group Yoga Nidra session indoors
  • Affordable fees for this customized romantic adventure and Yoga relaxation sessions
  • While photos above show the bridal party– the groom, ushers, friends and relatives are all welcome
  • Design-your-own co-ed excursion for the bride and groom with guests and family
  • Or let us create a special red rock wedding adventure for the just the gals or the guys

Choose any of the following activities you would like include as part of your bridal blessing:

Jade & Kyle relax in Yoga Nidra

  • A Prayerful walk around the Amitabha Stupa, a sacred shrine
    that is said to amplify prayer 10,000 times
  • A chance to anoint each other with essential oils, expressing appreciation and good wishes
  • An easy fun series of beginner Yoga Poses or just simple stretches at one of two locations–in the ravine at the Amitabha Stupa or under Red Rock State Park’s Wedding Tree
  • A guided meditation to relax and clear mind, body and emotions An energy chakra clearing to release the past, embrace the present and set set intentions for the future
  • A Tibetan Bowl sound healing to clear emotions and open the heart
  • A circle around the bride or bride-and-groom to express feelings
    and wishes for the couple embarking on the journey of married life
  • A  Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony to call upon blessings from all directions for our next steps
  • An invigorating one-hour hike to a plateau called Eagle’s Nest, overlooking Cathedral Rock Vortex with Yoga/Stretching under a famous tree called “The Wedding Tree”
  • Yes, we can omit doing  any Yoga Stretches if you prefer! It’s your special event.

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