Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)

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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session with Johanna Maheshvari Mosca

Johanna doing arm traction

Hands-on yoga therapy session to help you release your body’s kinks, and gain greater mobility and energy. Available by appointment.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy helps you–

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session with Johanna Maheshvari Mosca

Johanna doing PRYT foot press

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy helps you release emotional and physical tension and promotes deep relaxation through assisted Yoga poses, dialogue and breathing, in a safe, loving space. Before your session, Johanna will interview you about your body’s history and current state and help you set an intention for the session. She will guide you in a scan of your body that will reveal where tightness needs to be released. Based on information from the interview and body scan, Johanna will choose particular yoga postures to help you release targeted areas. She will also invite you to experience aromatherapy using selected essential oils to heighten your energy.  No knowledge of yoga is necessary. Yoga Therapy can be given to you, fully clothed, on the floor in your home, hotel room, or in Johanna’s Yoga room. For more information about yoga therapy, please see the article: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: Tapping Your Inner Resources or visit www.pryt.com

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Johanna Maheshvari Mosca

Johanna doing assisted spinal twist

Commenting on her Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session with Johanna:

“I have never experienced a greater sense of physical and emotional well-being in my life!
–Cindy Williams, Marketing Specialist, Seattle, WA

How to Make Your Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Appointment–

PRYT Sessions are booked in Sedona, Arizona, or Encinitas, California, by calling Johanna at 928-282-9900