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As you know from your life, we keep learning and adding new techniques and twists to our repertoire. Johanna Maheshvari’s Yoga is a combination of: gentle Kripalu Yoga; Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy; Iyengar-style Yoga studied for over fifteen years with Rama Jyoti Vernon; Yoga techniques learned from TVK and Kaustub Desikachar at the Krishnamacharya School in India; and Richard Miller’s i-Rest Yoga Meditation for Inner Restoration–plus what her own body has taught her from doing Yoga for decades. It all comes together organically as Johanna guides students to gently tap into a well of inner resources, enjoy whatever the body can do, and expand consciousness.

What is Kripalu Yoga?

Guided Sedona Spirit Yoga, Hiking & Meditation Spiritual journey

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Kripalu Yoga originated with Yogi Amrit Desai in 1966 was named after his beloved guru, Swami Kripalvananda, a highly renowned master of kundalini Yoga. The word “Kripalu” means “compassion.” And the word “Yoga” means “union of mind, spirit and body.” Kripalu Yoga guides you to compassionately engage in yoga postures, breathing exercises, and the practice of Yoga principles living well. The goal of practicing Kripalu Yoga is to establish an intimate, nurturing relationship with your body and being, one that brings peace and contentment to you and your relationships. www.kripalu.org

Another way to describe Kripalu Yoga is to call it “Classical 8-Limbed Yoga” or “Raja (Kingly) Yoga.” While some Yoga is simply Hatha Yoga that combines postures and breathing, Kripalu Yoga features poses, breathing and all of Patanjali’s classical eight limbs of Yoga. Learn more about the eight limbs from Johanna’s article–More Than Just Asanas. The Kripalu approach includes: basic philosophical principles for well-being, physical poses, breathing techniques, concentration, deep relaxation, and meditation. See the eight-limb chart displayed below.

Yoga, Meditation & hiking in Sedona Vortexes and Grand Canyon

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Patanjali’s Raja or “Kingly” Yoga