Vortex Article for Key Magazine

Your Sedona Vortex: A Circle of Energy

Vortex Article in Key Magazine

Your Sedona Vortex: A Circle of Energy

(Article written by Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, published in Sedona’s Key Magazine)

What is a vortex and how do you experience it? After leading vortex tours for many years, I recently began pondering this question newly.

In the past, I would discuss what books said about vortexes. Page Bryant was the psychic who channeled the information about vortexes from one of her spirit guides in the 70’s.  Nicholas Mann wrote that the grids of the earth cross in a way that emits a heightened energy. Dick Sutphen wrote that Native Americans believe the towering red rocks are “the wigwam of the Great Spirit.”

I began asking other guides what they thought.  One said — “I tell visitors the vortex energy is more than you ever imagined and less than you expected.” Yes, the vortex impact may be much more than you could imagine. I’ve read that vortex energy has an increasingly unfolding effect that heightens consciousness and may even alter DNA structure.

Yet, without being guided to experience it, the vortex effect is so subtle that it’s usually less than you expected.  It may leave you lamenting – “Is that all there is?”  Sometimes I see tourists looking at a pile of rocks, asking —“Is this the vortex?” There is no “right” vortex spot. Just pick a comfortable place where you can commune with the energy. Or, even better, choose a guide to assist you.  The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, of which I am a member, hosts a number of outstanding tour guides, who can help you access the vortex energy.

Now, I focus on teaching what I know from experience, that a vortex is an energy connection. The vortex lives in the spiral of you opening up to receive the amplified healing energy of Sedona within your being. Practice the four R’s — Relax, Release, Receive and Renew.  One way to relax is by focusing on your breath, inhaling the present moment, and letting everything else go.  It is good to take time to consciously release any past baggage. Then you can clear your emotions and energy.

The vortex happens when you feel yourself drawing the energy deep inside of you. You begin to feel the oneness, the connection, the clarity, the peace, and an expanded sense of love and well-being. The vortex is the circle of your energy connecting with the mystical red rock energy. To create this vortex, begin by relaxing. Let go of thoughts. Open up to receiving, and draw in the magnificence of Sedona.

Johanna Mosca, PhD, Director of Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking, is a Yoga instructor, vortex hike and retreat leader www.yogalife.net

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