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Design-Your-Own Yoga Practice

Individualized Yoga Practice Design: Yoga and meditation instruction; design your own yoga practice, private classes

Aligning the downward dog pose

Customize a Yoga practice that is perfect for your unique body.

While we are one in our hearts, each of us has a unique physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Our spinal curvature, hip flexibility, shoulder and neck tension, range of arm and leg movement, knee strength, and depth of breathing vary greatly from one individual to another. While we may benefit from general group instruction, we can gain so much more from a practice designed to meet our body’s needs at this particular time in our lives. This is why leading edge Yoga therapy focuses on designing a practice tailored to an individual’s specific body characteristics, lifestyle and needs.


Hip Turn in One-Legged Dog

Johanna Maheshvari: After practicing Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist for over twenty years and doing intensive study in “Yoga for Healing” at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India, I have seen the great benefit of assisting clients with Yoga poses to help free up body tension and energy blocks. In a few private sessions, I can observe a student’s breathing and range of body movement, and design a personalized Yoga practice to promote optimal well-being.

Join Johanna for gentle yoga poses geared to your body. She will teach you six stretches of the spine to keep you limber and help you learn an easy series of Yoga and breathing exercises geared to your body’s needs that you can do at home.

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Design-Your-Own Yoga Practice

Design-Your-Own Yoga Classes are booked by calling Johanna at 928-282-9900.
Two 1.5 hour classes for $108 or $60 per class.

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Johanna doing Brass Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing