Is Sedona calling you?

Become more of yourself amid Sedona's Red Rock Vortexes!

Become More of Yourself at Sedona’s Red Rock Vortexes!

Are you being called home to Sedona?

I believe that you are called to come to Sedona. Some say that we are all Light Workers who are being called home at this time of uncertainty on the planet. Whatever is going on in your life, there may be a yearning to become all that you were meant to be. You may have an inkling that there is something more for you to do, feel or be. Whatever is attracting you to the mystical red rock energy of Sedona, you know in your heart that your journey here is a momentous occasion. Having been called to move to Sedona in 1992 after a short visit, I well understand the mysterious attraction that the vortexes have.

I first came here on a vacation and climbed to the top of Bell Rock vortex every day that I was here. I had no idea what was happening to me except that I was altered. I felt clearer and lighter and more alive. I was called to move to Sedona, and so I left my secure, lucrative position in New York, not knowing exactly what would lie ahead. The day I arrived, I wrote a poem—

Moved in Today

by Johanna Mosca

My mind’s noise
Screeches to a hum
As I leave behind
The city’s pulsing trauma,
Trading subways for switchbacks
And skyscrapers for the red rocks
That beckon me tauntingly
With their mysterious energy.
Like magnets they drew me here
Pulling up my roots—
Decades of security
Discarded like weeds—
A tender transplant that
Guided me home to Sedona
With a knowing of the heart


Sedona Spirit custom yoga, hiking and meditation retreat--solo, couples, or groups

Cathedral Vortex Cliff


That was 1992, and the red rocks still hold me captive in their wondrous energy. When I first moved to Sedona, I camped out for fourteen months, hiking trails to spectacular vistas everyday and doing yoga on the red rocks by the creek. So I know first hand the magical call of Sedona without ever having been able to figure it out.

I created Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking to help others have the transformational experience that I did. It was an opening and an expansion into being more fully who I am at my core. I know you want to find the right guides and experiences to further you on your journey. Throughout over twenty years of welcoming people to Sedona, I have selected a handful of trusted guides to help me take care of everyone. They are all very talented, spiritual people who have a reverence for the red rock energy and great wisdom to share. They are my “A team,” and I am very proud of the glowing comments guests have about them.

The “A Team” and I invite you to join us for a day hike or a retreat. Allow us to guide you to commune with the energy and see where it takes you. Journey with us to “Become more of yourself in Sedona!”


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