Why Attend a Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreat?

What to Expect from Johanna's YogaLife Sedona Energy Clearing Retreats

Why attend a Sedona YogaLife Retreat

Why attend a Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreat?
There are a lot of different reasons our guests choose to come to Sedona.  For most, it seems that they are called to experience the beauty and mystical vortex energy of the red rocks—and what better way to do that than with a Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreat! How about you? Maybe you would like a fun spiritual getaway with friends or on your own. Perhaps you would like to connect with the vortex energy of Sedona to make a graceful transition in your life, heal past wounds, or simply accelerate your journey with clearer purpose. You might want to deepen your spiritual Yoga practice or start a new one. Perhaps you enjoy both Yoga and hiking and want to connect with nature and the sacred land. There are many ways that Sedona can uplift you on your journey, and our retreat is designed to help you experience all of the richness of Sedona.  Since Sedona seems to be” calling you,” let me tell you more about our Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreats, so that you can decide if this retreat is a good match for you.

Joanne at March 2017 Retreat          This could be YOU!

What to Expect from Johanna’s YogaLife Sedona Energy Retreats–
I get so many calls about my retreats that I decided to give you the scoop about what to expect in a blog article, so here goes! First, the priority of this retreat is YOU!  I do my best to interview each guest to make sure the retreat is a match for what you are wanting to experience.  I limit retreat size to only seven guests so that I can address each one’s personal needs before and during the entire retreat.  I let all guests know that I am available for private coaching before or after hikes or classes.

Our second priority is to provide SEDONA ENERGY CLEARING through gentle, in-depth Yoga indoors and out on the land at Sedona’s sacred sites. Over the past 25 years leading retreats, our retreats have had the same theme—“Relax, Release, Receive and Renew.” Then we expanded that to the slogan—“Become more of your Self in Sedona!” And most recently, since guests have so much stuff coming up in the fast pace of life these days—our new theme is “Make peace with Life.”
“What do you need to do to Make Peace with?” in your life situations and relationships so that you can end energy drains and  live more joyously?  Our retreats are designed to help you do that.

How do we do Sedona Energy Clearing?
It is widespread common knowledge that Sedona is known for its heightened energy since the 1970’s when channel Paige Bryant first shared with the world what her spirit guides told her about this mystical vortex energy.

Relax with a Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Paige claimed that Sedona’s vortex energy would help people heal, get clear on their life purpose, deepen their spirituality, and generally accelerate progress on their life journey. Various theories claim that this heightened energy is due to grids in the ley lines of the earth, the presence of crystal flecks in the red rocks, and the influence of Native American’s holding Sedona as a sacred place.

In our retreats, we spend time doing Yoga to open up the body, mind and spirit and expand conscious awareness. Johanna leads soothing iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations to help guests relax into whatever is going on for them. When we do Yoga and Yoga Nidra on the land, we also participate in ceremonies, such as an intention-planting ceremony, a sword-cutting ceremony to remove unwanted attachments, and a medicine wheel ceremony calling upon all directions to bless our next steps in life. You are guided to focus on what you intend to release and achieve while centered in the peace of Yoga and the safety of a kindred group—and magic happens!

What kind of Yoga?
In our retreats, we do gentle, in-depth beginner-to-intermediate Classical Raja (Kingly) Yoga that covers all eight limbs of Yoga. During the retreat, I teach all eight limbs, including meditation and using Yoga NIdra for inner restoration and deep relaxation.  Please know that this is NOT the retreat in which you will do any handstands, headstands, spider or crow poses, or any ultra-difficult, expert Yoga contortions, though we do teach inversions such as the shoulder stand. Know that you will be guided into a variety of energy-expanding poses, some Yin Yoga and vinyasa flows, indoors and outdoors. Since 1990, I have earned over 1400 hours in a variety of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Meditation certifications.

As a veteran teacher, I like to show retreat guests how  to make easy adjustments to refine alignment and deepen Yoga poses.  As part of learning the eight limbs of Yoga, you will be taught about the science of breath—how to breathe to increase energy, how to breathe to achieve greater relaxation, and how to use chanting at the exhale of poses during movement in a vinyasa flow. You will be introduced to key Yoga Philosophy about how to avoid suffering and ten Yoga principles for enriching peace and well-being in your life. You will be guided to expand consciousness in a Wide-World-of-Yoga that is much more than simply achieving expert poses. This retreat is about mastering a “YogaLife.” And, yes, we are happy to welcome asana experts and help them broaden their Yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we welcome you at your level and help you progress from there.

What kind of hiking?
While we are “Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking,”  the hiking we offer is basically gentle nature walks to a plateau at one of Sedona’s sacred sites, so that we can enjoy more time doing Yoga and meditation on the land and less time walking behind each other in a queue.  One hike we offer is about an hour of walking each way, but most tours are more about going inward with Yoga and meditation at majestic sacred sites. During retreats, we do a Sedona-area tour to show guests where many vortex trails start and give you a four-hour break to do vigorous hiking or whatever you choose. Sedona vortex trails are marked, safe, and easy-to-follow.  So, I want the avid hikers considering attendance to know that while we are NOT leading any buns-of-steel hikes, we will point you to trailheads where you can explore trails at your own pace.

What is your 5-Day Retreat Schedule like?
Retreats include deluxe Sedona lodging with breakfast and a welcome dinner.  On arrival day (Saturday), we start with a warm welcome and introductions, then go out on the land for a Sedona energy clearing, intention-setting for the retreat, and a Sedona area tour. We end the first evening enjoying a delicious dinner (selected by you) at a restaurant with red rock views, where we do sharing and getting to know each other. On two days of the retreat (Sunday and Tuesday), the schedule is – Breakfast followed by 8 am to 12 noon Yoga at a sacred site, free time from 12 noon to 4 pm, and a Yoga workshop and class from 4-6 pm, with evenings free. During free time on one of these days, we schedule each participant for a one-hour massage with a practitioner and style of your choice.

In between these two days, there is a full-day trip to the Grand Canyon with a delicious lunch that you select included. The final day (Wednesday), we go out to a favorite hilltop sacred space with awesome views for a Yoga practice. There our guests share:  your highlights of the retreat, what you are taking home, and what you appreciate about each other. To say goodbye to Sedona, we end with each guest going off on her/his own to a red rock spot  (hill top or cliff side) that s/he finds special for a final meditation or prayer.

Johanna’s favorite meditation spot, Rachel’s Knoll

What are the retreat requirements?
There is no Yoga or Hiking experience required.  Beginners are welcome as long as you are fine learning Yoga and doing nature walks and moderate hiking. The basic requirement is that we all communicate compassionately and show respect for each other. There is a No-Alcohol and No-Drugs Rule during program hours—7am to 6 pm. It is best to refrain from alcohol so that you can stay clear to participate in activities and experience the energies and messages coming through. After program hours, it’s up to you.

What are your leader’s qualifications?
I achieved my first 200-certification in Classical Hatha Yoga at the Kripalu Yoga Center in 1990. Then I became certified in 200-hour Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and earned my 500-hour Diploma with Rama Jyoti Vernon at the International Yoga College. After that, I studied the Yoga of Healing with the Desikachars in Madras, India, and completed the McLean Meditation 200-hour Teacher Training in Sedona.

In 2017, I  completed Level III Certification to teach Richard Miller’s iRest (Inner Restoration).  I have been leading individual and group Yoga Nidra  sessions since 2015.  My extensive experience leading groups includes a 25-year  prior career as a  high school teacher and administrator, plus another 25 years leading retreats in Sedona, California and New York.

More about your vortex leader, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD—

My astrology indicates that I am a double Fire sign—sun in Sagittarius, Aries rising, and moon in Virgo. This double fire sign indicates a fiery passion for life, and the moon in Virgo suggestes a tendency towards perfectionism. Knowing that I carry a lot of powerful energy, I am extremely conscious to orchestrate that power to serve everyone’s well-being.  I can often help guests laser what their challenges are, but I always ask for your permission to give coaching.   I was born and raised in New York, to a warm-hearted, expressive Italian family, and still sport a noticeable New York accent at times when I talk fast.

Before registering any potential retreat guest, my clients and I have found it beneficial to have a telephone interview to make sure that all are comfortable with my leadership style and what my retreats offer.   I look forward to our interview, after which I hope to welcome you to Sedona and assist you on your life path.  I lead these Sedona Energy Clearing retreats from a pure heart, praying for each guest (before, during and after the retreat) and have a deep commitment to guide each of you on a consciousness expanding journey and a fun red rock adventure. I support you in moving forward—in body, mind and spirit– in whatever way is best for you.

Namaste, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca

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