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Sedona Spiritual YogaLife Retreats (without lodging)

For more than twenty years, our Sedona retreat team has been welcoming guests to experience yoga amid red rock vortexes , enjoy a nurturing break from everyday life, and access greater peace within.  Your leader, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, is an expert Sedona retreat guide, who is deeply connected with the sacred land and vortex energy.  She has earned over 1400 hours of Yoga Certifications in her quest for learning and teaching. Johanna Maheshvari gives her 100% best from a loving, healing heart space.  She tunes into your energy and your requests to make your Sedona retreat perfect for you and tailors your vortex experience to your pace. Johanna’s retreats offer gentle, in-depth yoga and meditation instruction indoors and outdoors. Her Yoga at Sacred Sites journeys offer short, gentle nature walks to nearby sites with awesome views, known as sacred places for meditation and prayer. While the photo above shows gals celebrating a bridal party adventure in Sedona, know that–We very much welcome and appreciate our Yoga-Men!

We offer GENTLE, in-depth Yoga & Meditation and VORTEX NATURE WALKS.
We do NOT offer high-intensity power Yoga or buns-of-steel aerobic hiking.

Johanna Maheshvari offers each guests in-depth Yoga instruction, Yoga Nidra Relaxation, and life coaching. Our Retreat Activities Package also includes a one-hour massage at a nearby studio and allows you the freedom to choose your own lodging. Call Johanna at 928-282-9900 about discounts for groups of five or more.

Flights?  Please fly into Phoenix International Airport PHX. While you could fly into Flagstaff, which is closer, there is a long delay waiting for two planes and extra cost, so it is not advisable.  

Car Rental? –The Arabella is an easy 2-road drive from the Phoenix Airport. It’s helpful to rent a car so you can enjoy driving during 4-hour daytime breaks and free evening time, but not necessary. The Ace Shuttle Xpress van we use costs $99 round trip plus tips, door-to-door, but it picks up many passengers, which requires you to leave at least an hour earlier than needed and sometimes wait at the airport for your arrival ride. Yet, if you are not comfortable driving, the Arabella has restaurants, shops and hiking trails in walking distance.

Meals? — Daily breakfast, welcome dinner and Grand Canyon lunch included. Award-winning Elote Mexican Restaurant on the Arabella grounds and other fine restaurants in walking distance.

Restaurants? For a list of recommended restaurants in walking distance of the Arabella, please read this article on “Sedona Restaurants.” —  http://www.sedonamonthly.com/restaurants/sr-179-south-of-the-y/ 

Drinking? –Our YogaLife Retreat is about expanding consciousness and inner clarity. To feel the vortex energy and the depth of Yoga and Meditation as a sacred experience, it is best that you abstain from alcohol and drugs during your retreat. While we REQUIRE that there be  absolutely NO ALCOHOL  OR DRUGS DURING THE PROGRAM HOURS, which end at 7 pm, we REQUEST that you refrain from alcohol and drugs in the evening as well.  As adults, you have the option to choose.

About Our Sedona YogaLife Retreat Guides

Johanna Maheshvari at Rachel's Knoll

Johanna Maheshvari at Rachel’s Knoll

Our Sedona Yoga team has received many glowing endorsements from past guests who tell us that their Sedona yoga experience with us was life-altering. For our retreats, it’s not just about hiking trails, as our hikes are gentle nature walks intended to slow you down so you can “smell the roses” and feel the energy. The focus of our retreats is not mastering Yoga Poses either, though we enjoy stretching in a variety of Yoga modalities. Our retreats are about helping you open up to access the energy of the area and use it for your personal spiritual growth, healing and peace of mind. Our focus is on nurturing and ongoing self-care. Johanna guides you to look into what you would like to release and bring forth and helps you steady yourself in the present moment. Johanna’s retreats have attracted highly acclaimed international publicity from many authors who have attended our spiritual retreats. Please do take a look at the International Publicity and endorsements we have received for our spiritual retreats and Yoga led at Sedona’s sacred vortex sites.  We are committed to having all of our guests “Relax, Release, Receive and Renew” as you engage with spiritual Sedona and the peace of Yoga and meditation.  Join us for a nurturing, heart-opening experience.

Johanna leads the retreat and Yoga classes with various colleagues, who are veteran yoga teacher tour leaders, helping her lead vortex excursions. We are committed to guide you in the most outstanding and memorable Sedona vortex experience! Our free-lance tour leaders are longtime Sedona residents, avid hikers, knowledgeable Sedona guides, plant experts, and certified Yoga instructors–exploring their own spiritual journeys. In addition to vortex Yoga activities and lodging, this ultimate retreat includes a one-hour massage and a full day tour of the Wupatki Ruins and the Grand Canyon with lunch.

Johanna Maheshvari is a longtime practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, now enrolled in completing the final Level III Certification in Richard Miller’s Yoga Nidra relaxation technique to relieve stress and PTSD. (Click here for more About Johanna.)  On our sacred site tours, we offer a unique Clearing Meditation, designed by Johanna Maheshvari, to have our guests let go of the past, access greater inner stillness, set intentions for the future, get in touch with the vortex energy, open up to life’s messages, and enjoy loving the present moment.

A Prayerful Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Our retreat team offers a wide array of spiritual experiences to help you open your heart to the mystical energy of Sedona, Arizona, and have fun visiting magnificent Sedona sacred sites. Through gentle Sedona yoga, we guide you to the deepest healing that you could hope to have from your visit. We listen if there is anything you need to ask about your understanding of the vortexes, or if there is something in your life that you want to clear or manifest using the energy of Sedona.  Johanna and her experienced team serve as your committed listeners and coaches if you choose to talk to us about anything personal that you would like to release or shift during your Sedona retreat. That is what we help you do when we take you out onto the land to do a clearing meditation to free up your mind, body and spirit. You can think of your sacred site guides as Sedona Angels committed to supporting you on your soul’s journey.

Sedona YogaLife Retreats and Yoga at Sacred Sites:
In The News

Sedona-Grand Canyon Retreat guests doing yoga on guided Sedona Spirit Yoga vortex hike

Retreat Guests Doing Triple Standing Stick on a Vortex Plateau

Sedona YogaLife Retreats and Yoga at Sacred Sites have received international acclaim for over 20 years.  Featured three times in the Yoga Journal, the latest in 2011, twice in Shape Magazine, also recommended in Hooked on the Outdoors, Your Health, Living Fit, New Age, the Valley Guide and the travel section of the NY Daily News.  Johanna’s tours have been enjoyed and praised by authors of a variety of international magazines including Elle, Spur, Frau , Frontline, plus an article with a centerfold of Johanna meditating on Bell Rock in NEO Magazine. We hosted authors who attended our retreats and wrote first-hand articles for Arizona Highways, Essence, Alternative Medicine and Awareness Magazines. Our retreats were listed #1 in Sunset Magazine’s  article “Ten Inspirational Retreats,” filmed for MTV, Channel 3: Good Morning, Arizona, and featured on Al Roker’s Good Morning America, July 2013, and other TV shows. Click here to read more about our international publicity www.yogalife.net/press.html to see photos of 20+ years of retreats, to learn more about retreat leader, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD, and view her recent Cultivate Contentment book interview on Fox TV visit www.cultivatecontentment.com and www.facebook.com/sedonaspirityogaandhiking

AYA Featured Teacher–August through December 2011:  Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, Ph.D., was honored by being chosen the Featured Teacher by the Arizona Yoga Association for its fall online newsletter. Learn more about the AYA and see Johanna’s photo, bio and offerings.