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Enjoy expanding aliveness in Sedona's vortex energy

A Message from Johanna 2018-02-07T22:02:24+00:00

Johanna’s Message:

It’s All Energy Moving Through:  From a joyful heart and a lively soul, I invite you to share a magnificent vortex Yoga adventure! For over 20 years, my guests and I have had fun doing Yoga and Meditation on gentle red rock hikes with magnificent views. Join me to explore how Sedona’s vortex energy can help you access greater inner wisdom, strength and joy. Are you as joyful and alive as you would like to be? Or does the stress of life’s everyday ups-and-downs seem to keep you from being the happy person you want to be? When greeting my Sedona guests, I offer a light-hearted perspective on life.  It’s all about energy moving through, and you can make it mean whatever you like.  Sedona’s powerful vortex energy can help you get in touch with your heartfelt desires and release any obstacles in the way.

A Self-Cleaning Oven:  Like a self-cleaning oven, you need to keep on clearing the gunk that builds up in everyday life, much the same way you have to keep on brushing your teeth. I always lead guests in a Sedona vortex energy-clearing meditation to discover and release whatever might be keeping you from expressing yourself more fully. I guide you in soothing Yoga Nidra relaxation to get in touch with and welcome whatever thoughts, emotions and feelings might be passing through. You have to WELCOME what comes and “soften into it,” and sometimes you do experience pain passing through.  We always end by tapping into that joyous part of you where you feel your core strength and 100% well-being as you take the next steps on your journey.

Spiritual Renewal:  My hikes and retreats are “spiritual” in nature because the activities guide you inward to discover your true Spirit and wisdom, to connect with an inner knowing, and experience a deep sense of joy and a freer YOU.  One of my slogans is “Relax, Release, Receive, and Renew.”

Increased Self-Acceptance and Self-Expression: And, best of all, this kind of Sedona vortex Yoga and meditation frees you up to celebrate Life and be happy being YOU, just the way you are in this moment.  You receive the Sedona Stamp of Approval, reminding you that you are just where you are supposed to be at this point in your life’s journey. And you gain insights into the next steps you might take with confidence.  Please join me in opening your heart to express your full aliveness and to  “Become more of your Self in Sedona!”