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Are you as joyful and alive as you would like to be?

Learn how Johanna can help you get "free and clear" so you can celebrate Life and be happy being YOU!


Sedona YogaLife Retreats and Yoga at Sedona’s Sacred Sites have received international acclaim for over 20 years. Featured three times in the Yoga Journal, Your Health, Living Fit, New Age, the Valley Guide and the travel section of the NY Daily News.

Sedona Retreats and Vortexes

mandala2Sedona vortexes are reported to have a healing effect as they heighten consciousness, strengthen purposefulness and increase clarity. But how to access this energy is often a challenge. That is why Sedona YogaLife Retreats and Yoga at sacred vortex sites has an expert team to help you clear your mind, body and spirit so that you can commune with the energy and use it for clearing, intention-setting, and tapping into your own inner wisdom. Since 1994, over twenty years, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD, and select yoga experts have been offering spectacular, spiritual retreats and tours of Sedona’s sacred vortex sites.

Experiencing the 8 Limbs of Yoga

mandala3The Yoga we do extends beyond Hatha Yoga, which combines postures and breathing. We do Raja or “Kingly” Yoga, the classical eight-part yoga that leads to quieting the mind and connecting with the inner Oneness. From her internationally acclaimed YogaLife book and CD, Johanna teaches how to embrace the eight limbs of Yoga in your daily life–starting with yoga principles for contentment, postures, breath- control, inward-focus, concentration, meditation, surrendering the mind and connecting with Divine Light.

Your Sedona Yoga Retreat: What to Expect

mandala1Be prepared to do frequent “Drop-Ins” into the stillness within, guided by Johanna and her team. Deepen your Yoga practice to include extending further into poses as you do vinyasa flows with chanting and Yoga of a variety of styles. You will definitely expand your consciousness, increase your flexibiity, and learn to silence your mind  more in meditation.

Retreats Customized for You

mandala6We are devoted to helping you access your inner guidance amid the natural setting of Sedona’s  magnificent red rocks and vortex energy. We customize our Yoga retreat to the level of ability of our guests, and we love to welcome beginners. Each and every spiritual retreat is designed to help guests relax, release what no longer serves,  and open up to greater aliveness and contentment amid the vortex energy.

Relax, Release, Receive and Renew

mandala4One of our themes is “Relax, Release, Receive and Renew.”  Our promise is that wherever you are at in your life journey, we can help you recognize and release blocks to your aliveness, and open up to advancing to the next level, whatever that might be for you, personally. We believe that we are all spiritual energy beings facing the challenges of our human interactions with everyday circumstances, and as such, we need to keep clearing our energy by releasing the past, setting intentions for the future, and centering ourselves with gratitude in the present moment.

Contentment Yoga Retreats, Sedona, AZ

mandala5A CONTENTMENT retreat with our team is a way to have you clear the past and open up to new dimensions of strength and well-being, not just amid the energy of Sedona, Arizona, but carried home into your everyday life. Our retreats have also been featured in the Yoga Journal three times in the past decade—Dec. 2000, April 2001 and June 2011. In May 2008, Sunset Magazine listed our Sedona YogaLife Retreats number one in an article on “Ten Inspirational Retreats.”

We invite you to join us for an uplifting, heart-opening experience.

CALL 928.282.9900 to learn more and register.


YogaLife Retreats

Our Sedona YogaLife Retreat Packages are a joyful, spiritual adventure designed to guide you to the next level of growth, clarity and healing. Expand higher consciousness, access inner strength, deepen your spiritual grounding, and cultivate ongoing contentment. Join us!

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Yoga and Meditation

Call 928-282-9900 for Appointments in Sedona, Arizona.

iRest: Inner Restoration Yoga Meditation
PRYT: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Kripalu Yoga: Gentle Yoga Classes
Design Your Own Yoga Practice

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Sedona Hikes

We lead spiritual tours to sacred vortex sites for solo travelers and groups of all sizes– even bus loads of Sedona visitors! Available Every Day.
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Gentle Yoga and Hiking in Vortex Energy
Yoga and Meditation at Sacred Sites
Yoga or Yoga Nidra on the rocks

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Listen to interview with acclaimed author, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD

“Teen Triumph: Ten Ways to a Winning Life” Dr Johanna Maheshvari Mosca

Johanna Mosca, Ph.D., is an accomplished writer, yoga master and a teacher of teachers. She has extensive background in education, human resource development and public speaking. Her passion is writing to share the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras that will help every reader live in greater peace, harmony and integrity.

Johanna’s first career consisted of twenty-five years as a high school English teacher, staff developer, graduate writing instructor and educational consultant. She earned her Ph.D. in Writing Research and Theory from New York University.

In 1992, after passing two license exams to become a NYC Public High School Principal, Johanna vacationed in Sedona, AZ, and was inspired to move there. Spending fourteen months camping out in the desert forest of Sedona and doing her own Yoga on the red rocks, Johanna became inspired to launch her own retreat business, Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking.

Johanna is the author of two previous books, YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom and Cultivate Contentment: Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today’s World. Her third book, Teen Triumph: 10 Ways to a Winning Life, brings this ancient wisdom to teenagers.

Currently, Johanna enjoys leading self-renewal retreats in Sedona, Arizona and doing her writing, book talks and private consulting.

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“Sedona Spirit Yoga and Hiking Retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience. The yoga, hiking and devotional time combined to create just what I needed to move deeper into my own self-discovery.”
“The retreat was a joy in so many ways, from the fabulous backdrop of Sedona’s red hills to the sacred space that you created for us each and every day. The yoga, meditation, hiking, Buddhist temple, were all so lovingly arranged and delivered. Thank you for showing me a path to sacred places, both within and outside of me.”
Ann - Arlington, Virginia
“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my husband Ed’s for such an enlightening weekend. If anyone is doing the Spirit’s work, you are:) We meditated to your CD last night. How relaxing. Thank you and may God continue to bless your “helping” journey.”
Elaine - South Plainfield, New Jersey
“Johanna, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had at your weekend retreat. You and your staff made everyone feel safe and welcome. It was a spiritually rewarding experience. Thank you so much.”
Joe Pacifici - Chicago, Illinois
“Our Sedona experience was magical. Our office went to Sedona with the hopes that each staff member and myself might experience physical, mental, and spiritual renewal. A close friend had insisted we contact Maheshvari (Johanna) to lead us on our retreat. I must say that each of our experiences were beyond anything we had imagined.”
Dr. Dennis A. Harris - D.C.
“Johanna is overflowing with incredible positive energy. Not only was she my yoga instructor, she also became my tour guide, holistic healer, spiritual guide and friend.”
Susan Wade - Ft. Worth, Texas
“A Yoga retreat in Sedona with Johanna is a unique experience. The Yoga classes were amazing; Johanna is a gifted teacher who makes students of all levels feel comfortable. Most memorable were Phoenix Rising sessions and Yoga among the red rocks. Come prepared to laugh, feel free, and be energized.”
Mark Raza - Washington, DC

Are you as joyful and alive as you would like to be?

Learn how Johanna can help you get "free and clear" so you can celebrate Life and be happy being YOU!

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